Apple may soon release new iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch devices

“Apple’s beta release of iOS 12.2 continues to deliver possible clues about the tech giant’s upcoming devices,” Valentina Palladino writes for Ars Technica. “A report by MacRumors cites a find by developer Steve Troughton-Smith that references four new iPad models and a new iPod model in the code of the iOS 12.2 developer beta.”

“The four new iPads listed in iOS 12.2 could reference the rumored iPad mini 5. The iPad mini hasn’t been updated since 2015, and rumors that started last year pointed to the possibility of Apple updating the tiny tablet soon,” Palladino writes. “According to Troughton-Smith, none of the four new iPad models have Face ID, which would make sense because Apple would likely update the iPad mini but keep it as a more affordable alternative to the iPad Pro models (and even the 9.7-inch iPad). It’s also possible that the four new models reference updated versions of the 9.7-inch iPad, which Apple debuted almost one year ago.”

Apple's iPad mini 4
Apple’s iPad mini 4

“The iPod reference is more curious, as it could mean that Apple is planning to debut a 7th-generation iPod Touch. Apple most recently updated the iPod Touch in 2015 (like the iPad mini),” Palladino writes. “The new model referenced in the iOS 12.2 beta reportedly doesn’t have Touch ID or Face ID, and if that’s true, the new iPod Touch will be less like the current iPhones than ever before.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Just leaping from the current A8 chip in both the current iPad mini and the iPod touch to the A12 (or even A11) would be a massive upgrade!

The current 9.7-inch iPad contains an A10 Fusion SoC, so less of a leap is possible there, but the A12X is up to 35% faster than the A10 in single-core performance and up to 90% faster during multi-threaded tasks along with up to 2X the graphics performance, so the leap would certainly be significant if Apple updates the 9.7-inch iPad’s SoC.

[UPDATE: 8:07pm PT: Corrected A10X to A10 as per “S. Mulji” below.]

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  1. “Just leaping from the current A8 chip in both the current iPad mini and the iPod touch to the A12 (or even A11) would be a massive upgrade!”

    An A12 SoC upgrade in the 9.7″ iPad, iPad mini, & iPod Touch would be a welcome upgrade

    “The current 9.7-inch iPad contains an A10X Fusion SoC” => That is incorrect. It only has the A10 SoC that’s used in the iPhone 7.

    1. Yeah, but greedy Cook will reserve FaceID for it’s 1 to $2000 models.

      Since, aside from the requisite speed bump, FaceID would be the only differentiating factor between that and all the other generations of iPads, so there is no compelling reason to upgrade.

      1. Sadly you are right, my iPad is now slow as a pig but still does the job in its sub computer way, so if all the upgrades are going to be doing is the same things quicker with no real expanded capabilities or appealing tech like in screen touch or FaceID then I am not convinced it is going to appeal enough to update. With the same basic functionality below the Pros are the chips actually being fully exploited. I will await answers upon launch.

  2. The processor will likely be an A12 Bionic for both iPad and iPod, as is found in current iPhones. The iPod touch will likely be positioned as primarily a gaming handset given the rumor of an Apple game streaming service.

  3. Why? I don’t want any of those. The future for real pros (not social media millennials) is NOT the iPad. My six year-old iPad still plays Hulu just fine. My pro tools could do with being taken seriously by Apple.

    1. My feeling entirely Cook seems to have no idea that simply doing the minimum possible to update prices and market as new products is just not enough is becomng seriously depressing. The opposition is improving in every way from speed of innovation to build quality and the idea that you can endlessly milk the ‘brand’ at ever higher prices is going to come back to haunt the company if they don’t get their act together.

  4. Of course Apple are going to release more iDevices and pretend Professional creatives are using them…

    …instead of actually delivering a Mac Pro that real creative professionals have been dying to buy for the last 5 years or more!

    Tim Cook, what a guy!

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