It’s time for Apple to separate Apple Music from iTunes on the Mac

“Since Apple Music first launched in 2015, one of the most common requests from Mac users has been for Apple to separate the streaming service from the rest of iTunes,” Chance Miller writes for 9to5Mac. “Despite several macOS updates since then, however, Apple has not yet made such a move, with Apple Music still locked inside iTunes.”

“Last week, we saw the ,” Miller writes. “It’s this app that really showed me how great Apple Music could be if it weren’t buried in iTunes.”

“Right off the bat, let me say this: I don’t want Apple’s solution to breaking Apple Music out of iTunes to be a web app. Instead, I want a full, dedicated macOS app,” Miller writes. “Similar to how Books is its own app, Apple Music deserves to be a standalone macOS app.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We second the motion!

New Apple Music web player looks like it came from Apple – January 18, 2019


    1. I don’t have beachball problems with Mojave’s iTunes version. However, I do agree a major rewrite would be a good thing, including removal of movies, video and anything else not music listening related.

    1. Often AAPL stock holders and analysts say, “Apple needs something new, something revolutionary…the One More Thing.” Though desirable, what Apple needs and is not doing is to make excellent, the garden that is before them. There are weeds everywhere. The iPhone’s riches have become a sedative.

  1. Word to the wise: iTunes is the latest version to offer iOS app management. Too bad Apple can’t wise up and offer a dedicated Mac app for this. Such a helpful utility on the Mac could back up and manage multiple iOS device data & apps as well as do some iOS troubleshooting. Dramatic improvements to allow the user to see and manage iOS device storage is long overdue. A pretty color bar with gigabytes of “Other” is pathetic, not to mention stuff like advanced battery health monitoring, etc. Apple could get innovative and make it useful to Find Your Phone with Maps integration and do stuff like having the Mac be able to remotely lock the iPhone, but that would take care for Mac users on Apple’s part, so hope is low.

    For several years Mac users have politely requested that Apple split up iTunes to make it good at what it does. Today it is a kludge of too many things done badly.

    Apple Music rental has always been its own app and it needs to be permanently separated from iTunes. It has been a headache for anyone who owns his own music collection. This is where all the hideous DRM afflicted music can be. Many of us want no part of it.

    iTunes needs to be DRM free. It really only needs to do a few missions well: manage a music collection and acquire new uncompressed tunes. Those tunes should all be lossless in ALAC or FLAC format going forward, acquired easily from any vendor using Apple Pay, no subscriptions needed. Advanced features that competing DJ player software already offers could be enhanced, as well as significant improvement in error handling, duplicate reduction, cover art and metadata autofill and spell check, proper genres, proper song original release date, and BPM autofill etc is long overdue. “Match” and “Genius” need to become seamless instead of awkward add ons.

    a new Mac app “iVideo” should handle all video purchases, rentals, and collection management. It needs different interface options than iTunes. It should be optimized for the Mac, not a rehash of the horrid Apple TV. But of course, if Apple insists on continuing its hobby, then iVideo on the Mac will have to sync with Apple TV. Maybe, just maybe, Apple could pull their heads out of their asses and allow the Apple TV to jointly use the same remote drive for video collection storage as the Mac does.

    A Mac app for Podcasts needs to be a MUCH cleaner and powerful standalone app for subscriptions to audio and mutli-format serials, and likely it needs to be able to sync with iPods and iPhones remotely to be seamless.

    Apple might as well abandon internet radio to he competition, it seems they never got around to figuring out how to offer a better solution to users.

    Books is already split off from iTunes, thank goodness, but it needs massive improvements.

    Well we could go on for ages but it’s plainly obvious that for years Apple hasn’t bothered to listen to Mac users. Apple COULD make money with improved paid apps, but Timmy has decided that bloated freebieware is where it’s at.

    Get rid of Timmy and hire a few thousand Mac programmers using his ill-gotten stock bonuses.

    1. Minor edit: Apple Music SHOULD HAVE always been its own app. Beats used to be a separate app, it was the height of stupidity for Apple to force it into iTunes.

      Also, Ping: good riddance. These thinly disguised marketing data collection schemes are an insult to Mac users. When it’s free, YOU are the product.

      1. Some people would say only the geek class cares about Macs.

        It does not reflect well on Apple to invent a promising technology like ALAC and then not deploy it for the benefit of its customers.

        Gimmicks like the Home Pod can to nothing to resurrect the quality lost when degrading the source using inferior media file formats. This proves again that current Apple management is focusing mostly on extracting money from people who care about fashion rather than continuing to support technically astute people who care about performance.

  2. Apple Music complicates iTunes. Set it free.. Also, a hearty second to an MacOS IOS app manager. Absurd to require each device to download/update IOS apps especially on capped data plans. In a household with a number of devices on the same plan, the current approach is simply farcical and poorly thought out.

  3. I own my music and use iTunes Match- have no interest in the rental rap product.

    The Mac needs a Podcast app just like iOS and Crapple Music/Beats needs to get off of iTunes. TV and Movies need to get off of iTunes as well.

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