Apple to release three new iPhones in 2019 ; triple camera for flagship model, dual cameras for the other two

“Apple Inc. is planning to release three new iPhone models again this fall, including a successor to the struggling XR, the lower priced 2018 device with a liquid-crystal display that has fallen short of Apple’s sales expectations, people familiar with the matter said,” Yoko Kubota and Takashi Mochizuki report for The Wall Street Journal. “Apple plans to introduce some new camera features, including a triple rear camera for the highest-end model and double rear camera for the two other models, the people said.”

“The move to stick with LCD comes as Apple grapples with sluggish sales of the iPhone XR, which has cut into its most recent revenue projection. That is partly because the planned LCD handset has been in the product pipeline for months and the plan can’t be altered easily, they said,” Kubota and Mochizuki report. “For 2020, Apple is considering dropping the LCD model, some of the people said, which would mark a complete shift to the organic light-emitting diode, or OLED, display for iPhones.”

“While product planning for 2019 models has progressed to a point where major features cannot be changed easily, it isn’t completed, the people said,” Kubota and Mochizuki report. “Planning for 2020 models is at an earlier stage and more subject to revision, they said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Excellent news. The hoi polloi don’t even know and many can’t even see the difference between LCD and OLED. If Liquid Retina display allows Apple to have an even lower entry price to iPhone, in 2019, that’s a Good Thing™.

Now, as for the naming, Phil: No more silly, confusing, meaningless car-inspired letters, please!

Once they’re all OLEDs (hopefully in 2020) name them like you name MacBooks:

• 6.5-inch iPhone (year) – or, if you must differentiate, “iPhone Max (2019)”
• 5.8-inch iPhone (year)
• 4.7-inch iPhone (year) – this would be for people who prefer smaller devices. Without a Home button, it’d be much the same size as the current 4-inch iPhone SE.


  1. I’ll take all the upgrades! I’ll tell you what’s funny… if it was $2k, I’d have to have it, because it makes my business run so much smoother and if I have the latest and greatest, that just means that I can be that much less stressed, knowing that I can do calculations, data entry (etc) quicker and easier. If it will benefit you and you’re good with your money, you can afford to upgrade and if not, well, then stop spending everything you make on OTHER crap. People waste money on furniture that they get rid of within 2-5 years and it’s just pathetic how we are as consumers… This is the best waste of money I’ve ever spent on myself and my company; we’re consumers; get a grip on the cutting edge of tech with the New iPhone Zrt Flip.

  2. I will buy a smaller phone if they make it… as close to the 4″ as possible… I am also aware of 30+ people personally that are waiting for that size phone. I am totally fine with the larger ones, but many don’t want a huge phone to carry around…

  3. If this rumor is true and the XR gets a dual-lens camera and the XS 5.8″ remains dual-lens, then for new users the XS 5.8″ will be a tough sell. The only real difference will be the OLED screen / 3D Touch / slightly smaller size. I would prefer to see the following lineup. Leave the OLED / best camera for the absolute top-end model, drop the 5.8″ OLED model, and have the middle-tiers be LCD.

    5.5″ XI – Dual-lens / LCD ($649)
    6.1″ XI – Dual-lens / LCD ($749)
    6.5″ XI Plus – Triple-lens / OLED ($999)

  4. Big deal, aren’t phones that put them in this stock mess. I’ll be more excited if they actually anounced and released on time, something other than phones…

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