Apple CEO Cook: 6.1-inch iPhone XR is the ‘most popular’ iPhone and has been since its debut

“Apple Inc. shares edged higher Wednesday after CEO Tim Cook insisted the iPhone XR remains its most popular product even as reports suggest the tech giant will slash production for new models this quarter amid slowing demand,” Martin Baccardax reports for TheStreet.

“The Nikkei Asian Review said Wednesday that Apple has asked suppliers to cut production for the iPhone XS and the XS Max, as well as the iPhone XR, by around 10% for the three months ending in March, a reduction it said would take overall iPhone production to between 40 million and 43 million units for Apple’s fiscal second quarter,” Baccardax reports. “Apple sold around 52.2 million units over the same period last year, but said in its November earnings call that it will no longer break out iPhones sales data from its broader revenue reporting.”

iPhone XR comes in six new finishes: white, black, blue, yellow, coral and (PRODUCT)RED.
Apple’s A12 Bionic-powered iPhone XR comes in six new finishes: white, black, blue, yellow, coral and (PRODUCT)RED.

“Apple CEO Tim Cook, however, insisted that the iPhone XR ‘has been the most popular iPhone every day, every single day, from when we started shipping, until now,'” Baccardax reports. “I mean, do I want to sell more? Of course I do, of course I’d like to sell more,” he told TheStreet’s founder, Jim Cramer, on CNBC’s Mad Money program late Tuesday. “We’re working on that. But in terms of the product itself, it’s an incredibly innovative product. It has a bunch of advanced technologies in it from the chip with the neural engine to security embedded to an edge-to-edge liquid retina display, the first in the industry, longest battery life ever in an iPhone.””

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MacDailyNews Take: As expected.

As Apple intended. The iPhone XR is the X-class iPhone for the masses!MacDailyNews, October 16, 2018

Why would the hoi polloi choose the 5.8-inch iPhone XS when they can get the 6.1-inch iPhone XR? They don’t know the difference between LCD and OLED, they have no idea what 3D Touch is, and it looks/works pretty much the same to them – plus it comes in colors (that they’ll immediately cover with a case; no matter, colors sell).MacDailyNews, September 20, 2018

Apple VP: iPhone XR has been company’s best-selling model every day since it launched – November 28, 2018


  1. MDN: Why would the hoi polloi choose the 5.8-inch iPhone XS when they can get the 6.1-inch iPhone XR ?

    Because the XR is too big for me, both for in-hand comfort and in my jeans pocket. I tried my wife’s thoroughly. The (subsidized) price is right though.
    Since the X (still available via my carrier) and Xs are too expensive, I settled for a new iPhone 8 recently and am very happy with it. Call me nuts but I really like the 3D-touch home button. Funny thing, when I unboxed it I thought the home button was broken since it doesn’t click when unit is powered off like older home buttons. It was a big relief to discover the new Home button (new since iPhone 7 I assume).
    I guess I’m one of those customers Apple hates right now, contributing to the statistics of users buying older iPhones instead of late$t and greate$t.

      1. So let me get this straight, the damn fool is the one who uses the phone from a company that tracks him and sells his identity via every service it offers from phones to a gmail account or the one who pays top dollar for a secure phone that does not sell his data and the data of those in contact with him or her? Hmm.

        1. @Little Mikey

          I guess you forgot that Tim Cook takes 9-billion a year from Google for giving them access to all our info… yes, that even includes your tranny porn sites.

          1. Zerorandy- a sexless enunch with no desire who is just another damned fool that knows the price of everything but the value of nothing, an Eric Schmidthead, a Larry Pageboy, a Sergei Grinner without a brain but with plenty inside his semi-colon just waiting to excrete yet more “insight” onto this forum.

  2. I admire you for choosing the 8, honest to your heart’s choice.
    I did exactly the same thing based on exactly the same reasons. You certainly are no nuts but sane.
    1. I was interested in the Xr but found it was too big and essentially the same as other 2, the 3 X musketeers. I actually do not understand why Apple offered 3 X lines all in a very similar size.
    2. The price was a little saner than the others.
    3. The home button with a haptic touch ID is perfect. I give this to Apple.

    Yes, Apple might hate you (us) but I have absolutely no doubt that there are saner minded people than we think who buy an iPhone strictly based on their heart’s choice, not influenced by the fads or any other hyping.

  3. BELEAGUERED Apple’s Tim Cook says the iPhone XR is its most popular product. This can be interpreted in different ways. iPhone XR sales can be poor while still outpacing the even poorer sales of their other products.

    Tim is playing with language now. This is a clear indication that new leadership might be needed, not that Tim is a bad man, but just not the right man for the job anymore.

    Someone with vision has got to break through to the executive suit. Someone who understands what Steve said about marketing in companies that succeed wildly.

    Most of all Apple needs someone who understands that Apple’s job is still making great products, not social justice.

    If you want to be a social justice warrior, more power to you. Resign, take your millions, hit the interview circuit, write some books, realize that people who don’t necessarily agree with you aren’t idiots, God bless ya, and try not to be too absurd.

    Find a bright gifted visionary who’s sole interest is Apple and her products. Find someone who has that fire in their belly. Chances are they won’t be 40,50, or 60 years old, but probably back in their 30s where they haven’t suffered too many defeats to still believe magic is possible.

    Get someone who goes to CES and looks around, instead of putting a sign up outside.

    Find a rational human being who knows hiring the best is not hiring based on political identity categorization, but hiring on demonstrable skills and experience.

    It’s time to reset the executive suite to factory settings. Love’em all, but everyone burns out. They’re well recognized and wealthy and will easily find top positions in other firms teaching the Apple way. Maybe relieved from the day to day drama of Apple, they could start a new firm built around the LINUX OS. I’m sure such people will not remain idle.

    Get someone who is an asshole, ala Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, etc. The kind of person who is feared by posers and cherished by those who really know what they are doing.

    Someone who can ask why the *&^^(^&^%% can freaking ASUS, ASUS for heaven’s sake, build better computers than we can??? ASUS?? Uglier for sure, but still better.

    Get someone who can put the breaks on the hobbies and see the sadness and absurdity of Apple trying to become Netflix instead of building great products.

    Make the engineers more important than the marketing people again.

    Get someone who has the balls to look at MacBook Pros and say the stupid Touch Bar is as useful as bicycle to a fish. Someone who would say, MacBooks with Cellular would outsell MacBooks with Touch Bars.

    It took Steve coming back to Apple to resurrect it and pull it out of the BELEAGUERED swamp before, maybe it’s time to find another Steve again.

    Momentum is inertia in motion. Apple might need a new Force to act against it’s increasing inertia and diminishing momentum, to bring back great products and make Wall Street see growth potential.

    There is no other Apple out there right now. I believe Apple can become the best at what they do again, but it’s going to hurt.

    1. Good take!

      Timmy has exactly the Compaq mindset that Steve loathed, and that almost killed the company before his return.

      He clearly does not understand the value of an ecosystem that embrace the Apple customer, and he has no nose for market creation. Under Timmy’s “leadership” Apple is slowly turning to be a follower.

      1. Of course he loathed Cooks type of thinking. Its why he was one of Jobss first hire after he took over in 1997 and its why he chose him to run the company when he had his transplant and later when he resigned shortly before he passed away. He clearly wanted someone who did not understand aapl.

  4. All those BOGO sales on XRs must have moved inventory.

    Bragging about this year’s best seller without revealing actual sales — when by all indications this year’s best seller doesn’t even outsell the phones from 4 years ago — is lame.

    It should come as no surprise why Apple has lost even more faith from investors than they used to. As a fashion brand, they continue to display remarkably bad ability to give users or investors any guidance for the future. Could this be because Cook is just a reactionary caretaker with no vision for the future?

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