Intel teases new 9th-gen desktop processors suitable for Apple’s iMac

“Intel expanded the range of its ninth-generation desktop processors at CES 2019, at the same time as teasing future processor designs and technologies it intends to use, including ‘Lakefield’ processors using a 3D packaging design,” AppleInsider reports.

“A total of six processors were introduced as part of Intel’s keynote address, all as part of the company’s ninth-generation of Core chips for desktop use,” AppleInsider reports. “While six are incoming, details relating to only one, the Core i5-9400, was detailed by the chip producer.

“Launching in the first quarter, the Core i5-9400 is a six-core, six-thread chip with a base clock speed of 2.9GHx, rising to 4.1GHz when boosted,” AppleInsider reports. “Made using a 14-nanometer process, the chip features 9MB of cache, a thermal design point of 65W, and onboard Intel UHD Graphics 630.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, for a chance, it all goes according to Intel’s schedule!


  1. Given Apple’s history of implementing Macs with new Intel chips, if the Core i5-9400 ships by the end of March 2019 we’ll see shipping Macs with this chip in November or December 2019. Meanwhile other PC vendors will be shipping systems based upon this chip in April 2019.

  2. Let me know AFTER they are actually shipping in quantity. As this is using their old 14 nm tech it SHOULD be a simple matter for them.

    But, then again, out of the 6 chips they’re talking about, they only provided details for just one. Maybe they’re not as sure about their timeline as one would think.

    1. Looking at everything they’ve released with the T2 chip, it looks like drive encryption is tied to ALL of the storage being SSD. I’d be surprised if they offered a fusion option.

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