CEO Cook: Apple ‘underappreciated’ by Wall Street

“Apple’s growing ecosystem of devices and services is ‘probably underappreciated’ by naysayers on Wall Street, CEO Tim Cook told CNBC in an interview Tuesday,” Elizabeth Gurdus reports for TheStreet.

“‘In terms of the naysayer, I’ve heard this over and over again,’ Cook said in an exclusive interview with Jim Cramer. ‘I’ve heard it in 2001, I’ve heard it in 2005, in ‘7, in ‘8, in ’10, in ’12 and ’13. You can probably find the same quotes from the same people over and over again,'” Gurdus reports. “‘I’m not defensive on it. This is America and you can say what you want,’ Cook continued. ‘But … my honest opinion is that there is a culture of innovation in Apple and that culture of innovation combined with these incredible, loyal customers, happy customers, this ecosystem, this virtuous ecosystem, is something that is probably underappreciated.'”

“Investors fretted that the weakness in China could lead to boycotts of Apple products, a claim Cook has disputed as anecdotal,” Gurdus reports. “‘I’m never surprised by the market, to be honest with you, because I think the market is quite emotional in the short term,’ Cook said when asked about Wall Street’s reaction to the news. ‘We sort of look through all of that. We think about the long term. And so when I look at the long-term health of the company, it has never been better. The product pipeline has never been better. The ecosystem has never been stronger. The services are on a tear.'”

Apple’s ecosystem is ‘probably underappreciated’ by naysayers: CEO Tim Cook from CNBC.

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MacDailyNews Take: Talking sense to Mr. Market is like pissing into the wind.

If Apple’s product pipeline is better than when iPhone and iPad were in it, we’re all in for a rosy future!

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  1. I’ve been an Apple user since 1989.
    An NO, I do not like this douche bag running the company that I have adored for decades. I gave him the benefit of a doubt, once I saw him do a keynote before Steve died, I was like… wtf? who’s this boring old douche? (I do not care if he’s gay or not, I’m not “homophobic”)
    Then when he took over… that infamous touching Bono’s finger to magically give us a FREE unsolicited crappy U2’s album… I vomited in my mouth!.
    He has NO flipping idea what the customers really want.
    “Tim is not a product guy” – Steve Jobs
    Steve made his last mistake by choosing this douche to run the most wonderful company in the world.
    All Pipeline cares is his gay parades, PC emojis and Apple Watch bands.
    I’ve been keeping a Chianti bottle to be open the day the fire his ass.
    And TO HELL with all of you who support this douche bag!!!

    P.S. For all who vote me down… you’ll get 5 years less to live… And FU for supporting this douche bag!

  2. My takeaways from this interview, or any similar interviews of him.
    1. He spends a lot of words but all gibberish. Not like a CEO who has everything in his head with clear images and talking points, and present them well in a concise and convincing manner, i.e, a CEO-like..
    2. Always with overly exaggerated gestures. Just calmly sit down and speak concisely and authoritatively Mr. You are the CEO of a major tech company.
    3. He emphasizes the loyal ecosystem customers. At least the ecosystem is solidly in his head, but he exploits it to no end rather than respect it in a mutually respectful and beneficial manner. It’s all profit centered to take advantage of, as in any bean counters’ mind. Just a one-way street. To him, the ecosystem is merely a tool to exploit it to maximize the profit at the sacrifice of loyal customers that have been keeping/helping the very ecosystem. Don’t give this tool to him, if he does not know how to use it properly.
    4. And most importantly, if you listen to him carefully, it is obvious that he does not have a deeper understanding of the technology. In fact, he does not even speak about it as Jobs did. Jobs was vigorously massaged in the NeXT environment which became the basis of the later MACOS, and he persevered it. Without this depth of knowledge of the technical aspect of the business he manages, how can Cook possibly see and direct Apple and its employees to the future direction? All he does is a daily calculator session. He does not know how to create new profit sources by innovation. All he knows is jacking up the prices of a single product to compensate the falling sales. But that kind of simplistic formula is totally “UNSUSTAINABLE”. Everybody could see it.
    5. He obviously has difficulty to self-reflect and self-criticize his own failure, the greed, and arrogance, without which there is no solution.
    5. The only saving grace is that he might now pay more attention to the much larger profit potential, the Mac line of products.
    6. Don’t even try to become a hero to realize the iOS/MACOS convergence. a post PC era in his mind. Perhaps someone else in Apple could eventually do it, but it won’t be Cook. He was the one who confessed that “it (convergence) was not what customers wanted” not too long ago, but he is still unable to part from the iOS.

    And so go on and on… He has to go and let go….

  3. Uh-huh. They are also underappreciated by their users because they keep serving up iPad nonsense and revolutionary new emoji all the while campaigning publicly for SJW nonsense that has zero to do with running a company. Get bent, Tim. You are Sculley 2.0. If it weren’t for your stance on user privacy, I’d have dropped you, and I’ve been with you a looooong time.

  4. I would like to draw attention to two things Mr Pipeline said.

    “Loyal Customers” – explain to me exactly WHAT you have done to service those “Loyal” customers?
    I can tell you the “Loyal” users, who made a financial commitment to Apple have been left in the dust with hardware sku’s that are over a half a DECADE old and are WAY over priced for what is in those devices. Software updates that actually get worse than better (see iTunes)

    “Happy Customers” – are you really that disconnected Tim? Have you not read blogs, letters, articles of how many are “UN” Happy with the RESULTS, or lack there of from Apple. See dongles, missed Christmas products, poor inventory to meet demand, flawed products at launch due to lack of R&D, late hardware and completely blown off hardware like a DISPLAY, which you claim in keynotes to have the “best” displays (which we agree), but then let’s not sell one for the computers you sell????????????? Dumb logic.

    Tim, you were handed the keys to the best company in the world from one of the best CEO’s in the history of business. You are surrounded by a TON of talented people who have potential WAY beyond what has been tapped from them. You have more cash on hand to address 100% of any issue Apple has, from product development to manufacturing and distribution; yet the results are LACKING everywhere!!!

    When I watch you popping up at speeches, parades, media events (when you have A LOT of WORK to get done), it proves to me you are UN-FOCUSED.

    As a CEO myself to 15 different companies, I know what it takes to get things done and it is beyond frustrating to watch this happen. Apple is one of the best companies in the world, and yet, due to POOR leadership, it is under-performing its true potential. Hopefully Tim can humble enough to get focused on exactly what he needs to work on. I can you this… TALK to your “Loyal” and “Happy” customers from time to time and LISTEN to what they say.. it might help you Tim.

    Richard Hofherr

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