Jury award of $145 million in Apple-WiLAN patent case slashed to $10 million

“A jury verdict that awarded $145 million to licensing firm WiLAN Inc. after its victory in a patent dispute with Apple Inc. was slashed to $10 million Thursday by a California federal judge, who questioned WiLAN’s methodology for calculating damages,” Mike LaSusa reports for Law360.

“U.S. District Judge Dana M. Sabraw said WiLAN’s damages experts had relied on an ‘unproven connection’ between the patented technology and other technologies, and said some of their conclusions were ‘without factual basis,'” LaSusa reports. “‘Notably, Wi-LAN fails to cite any other case in which this methodology has been used to apportion the value of a patented invention as part of a reasonable royalty analysis,’ Judge Sabraw said.”

LaSusa reports, “Court records indicate a mandatory settlement conference is scheduled for Jan. 14.”

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  1. This article is behind a paywall.

    MDN – the fact that Apple can afford to pay the damages when caught infringing on patents is hardly the point. That’s like saying if you have enough money, you can park in a school zone and think of it as a $50 parking space.

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