$452 billion goes poof: Apple’s market value decline since peak easily exceeds the value of nearly any U.S. company

“In only three months, Apple has lost $452 billion in market capitalization,” Michael Sheetz reports for CNBC.

“Apple shares have fallen by 39.1 percent since Oct. 3, when the stock hit a 52-week high of $233.47 a share,” Sheetz reports. “With its market cap down to about $674 billion, those losses are larger than individual value of 496 members of the S&P 500 — including Facebook and J.P. Morgan.”

“Microsoft, Amazon, Alphabet and Berkshire Hathaway are the only S&P 500 members with larger market caps than Apple’s loss since its recent high,” Sheetz reports. “$446 billion is more than double the size of Wells Fargo, more than three times the size of McDonald’s, more than five times the size of Costco, [and] more than 10 times the size of Raytheon.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yeah, there’s no overreaction to see here. None at all. Apple’s only going to bring in revenue of $84 billion for a period of 90 some odd days. The horror! That’s easily worth a $446 billion haircut, right?

BTW: If you can spot overreactions in the market, you can profit from them.

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  1. Microsoft turned themselves around when they got rid of the imbecile Ballmer. Apple could do the same if they got rid of Pipeline.

    Apple keep saying services is where they see growth unfortunately their services revolve around iPhone.

    Say what you like, Pipeline’s Apple is a far cry from Jobs’ Apple.

  2. Don’t Worry! (s/)

    Tim Cook will show another video of the giant cafeteria doors whilst Ive has a fashion show in the fruit garden to debut the Apple Diamond Ring (yes, for those who missed it Apple’s chief designer was focusing this year on creating the ‘world’s largest solid diamond ring’ while Ahrendts is trying to sell a 2013 ‘flagship’ Mac Pro. ).

    seriously us Apple investors and consumers have not just started complaining with the stock fall, we’ve been warning about this mis-management for YEARS already…

    if we can’t fire Cook as there is no easy replacement, at least some of the SVPs who have ‘Mentally Checked Out’ like Ive and Cue and (“I don’t think about it too hard, I just name Apple’s most valuable products after sports cars because I like cars… ” ) Schiller should Go.

  3. Maybe the market lost its judgement during the “Race To A Trillion”, especially with the “difficulties” with China over the tariffs, the arrest of Huawei Barbie in Canada and the reductions in China’s growth rate.

    The market in general will also face lowering of values in the future when the Trump investigation moves to the public view. Mr. Mueller will deliver a report that will hit the nation hard. The GOP Committee Chairmen will no longer be able to hide evidence as the Democrats have now taken over those committees. It won’t matter if there is an Impeachment based on political movements or a criminal indictment by a Federal Grand Jury. Both are going to be difficult for the nation and a lot of companies will be hurting.

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