Fortune reviews Apple Watch Series 4: This wearable computer is hitting its stride

“Thirty seconds after pressing my finger on the side of my new Apple Watch Series 4 smartwatch, an electrocardiogram chart appears on the screen of my iPhone. Until two weeks ago, I would have had to go to a doctor’s office to measure of the rhythm of my heart beats — or maybe even the ER,” Aaron Pressman writes for Fortune. “Now it’s available from my wrist any time, any where.”

“The ECG app, which Apple just made available two weeks ago, is only one example of the incredible promise of wearable computers for improving health and wellness,” Pressman writes. “It’s easy to imagine that the next few iterations of the Apple Watch will bring even more useful medical monitoring, perhaps by measuring blood pressure or tracking blood sugar levels.”

Apple Watch Series 4 in a Space Black Stainless Steel Case with Space Black Milanese Loop (40mm and 44mm)
Apple Watch Series 4 in a
Space Black Stainless Steel Case with Space Black Milanese Loop (40mm and 44mm)

“But even as is, almost four years after Apple introduced its first Apple Watch, the device is hitting its stride. Using a review unit from Apple for the past few months, I’ve found the watch even more useful and capable than last year’s model. Apple Watch Series 4 has the computing power to run real apps, the ability to work well without a linked phone, and the good looks to match almost anything you’re wearing,” Pressman writes. “Walking down the street with a cellular-connected Series 4 watch, a pair of Apple’s wireless AirPod earbuds, and some of the latest apps provides an awful lot of communications, entertainment, and activity tracking capability.”

Read more in the full review here.

MacDailyNews Take: Wear an Apple Watch each day and you’ll very likely live longer and better than if you didn’t!

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    1. Dan, a lot of technology has harmful potential and sometimes it takes a while to realize it. Some will worry others proceed ahead and so it goes, if and when the Apple watch proves to be harmful it will be dealt with, hopefully. Meanwhile it looks like it will provide more benefits than drawbacks.

      This is Tim Cooks’ legacy, developed without Jobs so there are bound to be growing pains, just like there was with the mouse.

      1. “This is Tim Cooks’ legacy, developed without Jobs so there are bound to be growing pains, just like there was with the mouse.”

        Not at all challenging but this is a myth. Apple patented a smartwatch back in the late ’90s, which progressed into “iWatch” under Jobs. It was ready but Jobs had gone. Actually, Tim Cook took too much time in getting it out into the market. He was too busy selling the iPhone, lol.

        1. Apple patents a lot of stuff but the stories I have read seem to indicate pretty well starting from scratch, or old patents.

          and as well,

          The second link entitled “Apple Watch one of the first post-Steve Jobs products at Apple, says Jony Ive”.

          Apple might have had a patent on a smart watch, goodness knows they patent as much as they can but in terms of bringing it to market, from what I’ve read it’s post Steve Jobs.

          But if you have a reference to support your claims, go ahead I try to keep an open mind.

          1. As I said, I am not challenging anybody’s knowledge or theory or whatever, as I do not have much. Therefore, our understanding has to rely mainly on the Internet, the world’s most reliable info source, and there are too many of excellent articles you can find about the history and development of now called the Apple Watch, which I do not bother listing here. Not just Apple fan sites, but some reputable newspapers were following too those days. Many sites refer to Sir Jony being the first to develop the watch “after” Job’s death but I never thought so. To the credit of Ive, his name popped up many times during the iWatch days. For some reason, only after Steve’s death, he was mentioned as if he suddenly materialized the projector or some such.


            There are many excellent sites explaining the history and the development of the Apple Watch, but as I said, I would not list too many of those here to litter the site:-)
            I just clearly remember the excitement on the “iWatch” thing when Jobs was still alive. I thought it was imminent that a form of iWatch would be announced any day, then Jobs died. But obviously, the development must have been going on.
            I was merely reacting to the comment that the Apple Watch was Tim Cook’s baby. It depends on how one defines the “baby” but I was not the one to interpret that Tim Cook played a major role as if it was almost his initiative. I cited the Apple patent only to indicate that the smartwatch idea in Apple goes far back to ’90s. After that, it was becoming to form a shape and more concrete idea. It has been developed right up to the death of Jobs simply because I remember the excitement. After his death, I did not hear much about it.
            Therefore, in my mind, I never thought it was Tim Cook’s baby. That’s all. Beyond that, some “Apple insiders” should come out and tell us the story, although I am not particularly interested in the history beyond my personal experience:-) But what do I know? I wasn’t there. YMMV

            1. I never commented that the Apple Watch was his baby but rather his legacy.
              I know the smart watch idea goes even further back, at least to Dick Tracy. Patents and ideas are great but what I specifically am referring to is regardless of all those that had inspirational input into the device it was Tim Cook, not Steve Jobs that went on stage and introduced the world to that new product at the time, the Apple Watch.

      2. The threat of different kinds of harmful radiation has been an issue for many years and quieted down by mega corporations I’m sure… I had read that it’s far safer if a device was millimeters away from the skin vs. directly up against it. Of course this is not an Apple problem, it’s a wearable cellular tech issue. I’m sticking with my FitBit a little longer 🙂 Still amazing what the Apple Watch can do, no doubt!

        1. I don’t think the effects of radiation on humans are fully understood for many devices, especially the wireless ones and yes I have read that distance can make a difference and duration as well.

          Still in the bigger picture it’s not a worry. It takes 4-10 gray to kill a human, but 5,000 gray to kill a tardigrade and at the top of the scale are creatures like Deinococcus radiodurans and Thermococcus gammatolerans that can survive 10,000+ gray.

          The Chernobyl disaster provides some good insight about human’s capacity to destroy life on the planet, which is in my opinion mediocre; they might be able to wipe out their own species, and possibly a few others but life will persist, and that’s good news for the planet.

    2. Radiation is all around you 24/7 from natural sources and otherwise tons of it……24/7.
      Applewatch’s neglegible radiation is the least of your worries. Plus is not radiating alll the time..BUT The stuff it receives are radiating around you all the time.. with or without a watch.
      Worry about driving from point a to b way more.. or just sit home, but then u must wory about the possibility of the roof collapsing on your head…… sh-t .. where do we go???

      Life can be harmful. It certainly leads to death too.. we should avoid it.

  1. My top 2 favorite Apple products at this time.

    1-AppleWatch … just amazing. (And boy i love Apple pay with it)
    I may leave home without my iPhone.. but never without my AppleWatch.)

    2 – the new Ipad Pro and pencil.. sweet !

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