Apple’s macOS Mojave hints at new, unannounced Vega GPU chips coming to Mac soon

“AMD could be extending its lines of Radeon Pro Vega GPUs that could be used in a future Mac refresh early in 2019, according to identifiers in a recent macOS Mojave update,” Malcolm Owen reports for AppleInsider.

“AMD’s Vega 16 and Vega 20 GPUs arrived on the MacBook Pro on November 14, offered as discrete graphics upgrades replacing the Radeon Pro 555X and Radeon Pro 560X,” Owen reports. “It appears that Apple may already be looking towards using other unannounced Vega GPU variants.”

“Patches to Linux kernel drivers were found on Friday to include references to a number of PCI IDs that don’t correspond to currently-available Vega GPUs, reports Phoronix,” Owen reports. “One more PCI ID accompanied five existing Vega 20 PCI IDs in the Linux driver, while six more new PCI IDs are said to relate to Vega 10. ”

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MacDailyNews Take: Mac mini GPU option bump coming soon?


  1. F you Apple. Many of us don’t want no stinkin’ Radeon GPU’s but prefer Nvidia you idiots. Quit ramming your self-serving choices down our pro throats!! I can’t tell you how badly this hurts you as a choice for pros.

    How can a tech company like Apple be so friggin’ ignorant? 2019 is coming and a day of reckoning is coming soon if the 2019 Mac Pro does not hold up. It’ll be do or die using the Mac platform for many.

        1. My 2014 MB Pro uses Nvidia as its discrete graphics card. Don’t know why Apple is down on Nvidia, but Apple did start pushing Metal, and maybe Nvidia GPUs don’t play nice. Who knows?

    1. Could not agree more. No CUDA for Mac is a disaster. We are in a secon disivion regards to the best with AMD. The problem is that NVDA doesn’t care about Apple’s requests. This sucks.

  2. It’s really disappointing how those Radeon GPUs suck up far more power than NVidia GPUs. I thought Apple was so into saving energy. What makes it even worse is those power-hungry Radeon GPUs have to be stuffed into Apple’s skinny desktop cases with much poorer air circulation than most Windows PCs have. Apple doesn’t even allow for decent fan management while always aiming for low noise levels over better cooling.

    Well, there’s no point in me complaining about it, because it’s unlikely Apple will switch to NVidia GPUs in the near future.

      1. iMac Pro HAD fantastic thermal management at launch. After a few macOS updates, it is now as crappy as iMac: a few minutes of CPU load spin up the fans. The CPU continues to run in Turbo Boost, well above nominal frequency, which is great for performance, but sucks noise-wise.

  3. Oh yeah, Nvidia is a niche insignificant GPU maker…, and PCI who cares? No, way. You are the ignorant on this subject. Nvidia like it or not is the leader in general in the graphics industry and the absolute leader for high-end visualization. Fortunately, AMD is getting better, but also AMD has been inconsistent so let’s hope they will keep the pace.

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