Apple tipped to release newly-designed Smart Battery Cases for latest iPhone models

“Yesterday, we wrote about a new icon found on watchOS 5.1.2 showing a new model of Apple’s Smart Battery Case designed for new iPhone models such as the iPhone XS, XR and XS Max, which have no home button and the back camera in a vertical arrangement,” Guilherme Rambo reports for 9to5Mac.

“Today, we have obtained images that show a more clear picture of the new Smart Battery Case and also new information found in iOS that gives us an indication of Apple’s planned release schedule,” Rambo reports. “There are images for three different models of the battery case: A2070, A2071 and A2171.”

“An interesting difference that can be seen on the new cases is how much more space the battery occupies in relation to the rest of the case, when compared to the old models which had a significant empty space at the bottom, creating a ‘chin,'” Rambo reports. “This should give the new Smart Battery Case an increased battery capacity.”

Read more, and see the images, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: These new Smart Battery Cases are much less “humpy” than Apple’s old, much-derided battery case design. Priced right, they should sell very well.

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  1. Still, the idea mentioned here many times would be to design a IPHONE PRO lets say, that has a bigger battery with NO NEED for a case.

    Let’s call it the “Commando” version, the Swiss Army Knife version that is bigger, more rugged, shock resistant, has a battery three times the size, waterproof, no need for a tempered glass scratch cover, yada, yada, yada… make the thing big,,

    PS, dont test market this version with metrosexuals, multi-cultured mixed types, soyboys or unicorns riders.

    Try to design it for a Marine or for the Army, or you know, Kids.

    You’ll sell boat loads. and while you’re at it, turn on the part of the chip that has been included supposedly since the iphone 2 that accepts AM and FM radio, i’d actually like that.

    whatever. will never happen.

    1. My son is in a band. He’s only owned the Samesung “Rugged” phones because they beat the crap out of their gear on the road. I finally (with help from his GF) was able to convert to an iPhone Xs. Got him an OtterBox case, but would love an “iPhone Commando” to XX or whatever. Same with kids. Yes, while I don’t buy any little kids iPhones, many parents will and it would sell well to them. I love ’s lovely hardware, but they could sell even more if they made this!

  2. New cases. That’s leadership in Pipeline’s world.

    Pipeline is lost, utterly without a clue.

    The market knows this and slaps Apple around weekly.

    Pipeline orders up more emojis and more cases.

    Meanwhile, the Mac Pro rots.

    Pipeline orders up more dongles.

    Meanwhile I still can’t connect my iPhone to my MacBook without a dongle.

    Every last problem Apple faces can be traced to one incompetent moron.

    That moron is Pipeline.

    1. Get a better job than screaming “pipeline” 9-5. Absolutely no factors have changed in Apple except for those caused by Trump’s trade wars that increase costs, and cause angry Chinese (and some Europeans) to eschew American products. Fear of the loss of those Chinese customers is what is sinking Apple faster than the rest of the market.

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