Apple supplier Broadcom suggests older iPhone models are in demand

“Broadcom Inc Chief Executive Officer Hock Tan said the company’s wireless business performed better than expected due to demand for older smartphones from a North American customer,” Bloomberg reports.

“Broadcom reported fiscal fourth-quarter profit that topped Wall Street estimates on Thursday. Tan said ‘upside volumes of legacy phone generations from our North American customer’ helped the wireless division,” Bloomberg reports. “Tan didn’t mention Apple Inc by name, but the iPhone maker is Broadcom’s largest North American partner.”

“Upon releasing the latest iPhones, Apple cut the price of older models,” Bloomberg reports. “Apple sells the iPhone 7 for $449 and the iPhone 8 for $599, well below the $999 pricing of the iPhone XS.”

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MacDailyNews Take: An iPhone for virtually everybody, all with handsome profit margins. YKBAID.

Exit question: Could more people than we think be afraid of iPhones without Home buttons; worried that they won’t be able to use them? We know this isn’t the case, as it’s extremely intuitive home to use a modern X-class iPhone (and iPad Pro), but that doesn’t mean less savvy iPhone owners aren’t opting to stick with the Home button paradigm for one more iPhone (that’ll they’ll own for some 3 or more years).


  1. “Afraid” of the lack of a home button? No.

    Pissed off about the lack of a home button? Oh yeah.

    Sorry, the home button is a great user interface design. The kludgy workaround for phones without it is inexcusable. Not only is it not as intuitive (which DOES matter for lots of users) it’s less convenient.

    And I’m hardly “less savvy” – I’m certified to pull the things apart and put them back together, home button or not. I’ve helped lots of clients with their new “homeless” iPhones. It’s not that hard to use, it’s just really annoying.

    “Afraid” is just a stupid word to use here, I’m not “afraid” to stick my thumb up my rear end. I just don’t want to do it because it’s unpleasant.

    I still have my 6+. My next iPhone will be a 6s+, because not only does it still have a home button it still has a headphone jack, which I do use occasionally. But if I couldn’t have that, I’d get an 8+, because the home button is a good design, and the absence of it is not.

  2. “In principle”, a mechanical reset button to “Return to Battery” in all electronics device is a healthy design. Apple added the Touch ID feature on it was brilliant. If it ain’t broke, no need to fix it. The chin sacrifices the screen real estate? Sure it does, but it’s not much loss compared to the gain by a mechanical reset button. Failing that, waiting for Apple’s implementation of on-screen touch ID that others are beginning to implement. Give us an SE2 with it NOW, not 2019 or 2020!

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