Apple reassigns some marketing staff, tries promos and trade-in deals to spur iPhone sales

“Apple Inc. is experimenting with iPhone marketing strategies it rarely uses — such as discount promotions via generous device buyback terms — to help goose sales of its flagship product,” Mark Gurman reports for Bloomberg. “Company executives moved some marketing staff from other projects to work on bolstering sales of the latest handsets in October, about a month after the iPhone XS went on sale and in the days around the launch of the iPhone XR, according to a person familiar with the situation. This person described it as a ‘fire drill,’ and a possible admission that the devices may have been selling below some expectations. ”

“Since then, Apple has embarked on a series of aggressive trade-in offers that have temporarily reduced the cost of some of its latest iPhones, a rare step for a company that’s been raising device prices in recent years to lift revenue and profit,” Gurman reports. “On Sunday evening, Apple kicked these efforts into high gear, adding a new banner to the top of its website advertising the iPhone XR for $449, $300 less than its official sticker price. The deal, noted with an asterisk and described at the bottom of the page, requires customers to trade in an iPhone 7 Plus, a high-end handset from two years ago.”

“Last week, the company started offering a limited-time promotion that boosts the trade-in value of older iPhones by an additional $25 to $100,” Gurman reports. “Last year, there were similar concerns about sales of the iPhone X, and the handset ended up selling well. And Apple has used similar marketing tactics before. ”

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MacDailyNews Take: Blah, blah, blah.

And now, after yet more talk-down from Bloomberg “Chinese Spy Chips” News, here are some facts:

In fiscal year 2018, Apple’s revenue grew over $36 billion to $265.6 billion. For the current quarter, Apple has guided for revenue between $89 billion and $93 billion, a new all-time record. (That’s revenue of roughly $1 billion — with a B — per day.)

When analysts learn to see without the unit share blinders Apple has just removed, hopefully their eyes won’t pop out of their heads when they finally see those huge numbers and realize how very much more is to come.MacDailyNews, November 28, 2018

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  1. Apple is essentially an iPhone and services company.
    The current iPhone selections are variations of ‘expensive’ and do not include any smaller form factor or basic phones (updated SE for example
    Gambling so much on iPhone sales incurs risk and volatility which is reflected by lower stock prices.
    Apple needs to invest in a more diverse iPhone lineup as well as laptops and desktops that can be customized by the user with removable hard drives, batteries, easy RAM upgrades, and a variety of port selections.

  2. Well,

    Apple is fumbling. How one wonders? Let’s see…No new Mac Pro in 5 years. People may think this is no big loss, but what if the pro user buys other Apple stuff, but stops doing so because they feel abandoned by Apple? No iPhone, iPad, or other Macs purchased. Tick off long time customers by forcing crappy keyboards on the laptops because the laptop MUST BE THIN. Update the phones, add another few hundred bucks to the bottom line, offer no real advantages over the past 4 generations, and also mention that your company is not going to offer a 5G solution in 2019. Oh, and we get the notch rammed down our throats and we are told that it is fashionable…Yeah, folks will flock to Apple.

    Apple rolls out what could be a killer speaker in the HomePod, but their desire to use it only within a small ecosystem guarantees decreased sales. Open the unit up so it can be used anywhere, put in a rechargeable battery, and put out a soundbar with the same technology that offers a superior sound experience with TV or any other device, and Apple will sell millions of units. No, that would be too simple. Cripple the HomePod…Great thinking! The problem with the ilk in Cupertino now is that nobody at Apple remembers 1997 and how close the company came to going under.

    Apple worried that sales are tanking? No, they just announced that they will not report unit sales, only the money made. Well, one can manipulate money totals, but not unit sales as easily. Sales have slowed. There is a general ill-at-ease feeling growing in the markets. Perhaps the market could rapidly worsen. In times like that, people will pull back on discretionary spending. If Apple wants to survive, they better look at the pricing schemes and value-to-performance of the products and not just the stock performance. Stock will follow what people buy. If they are not buying your product, no matter how hard you puff out your chest, it will not matter.

    The only product that Apple seems to have really been doing well with is the performance of the Apple TV 4K. This thing has been tweaked and has become successively better.

    Now Apple is going to corner the media market. They are going to waste millions on developing media that may not sell. There are kids on YouTube developing their own content and what happens if that outsells Apple? This is a fools errand.

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