Dark Mode Shootout: Apple’s Mac beats Microsoft’s Windows

“The war between Windows and MacOS has waged for decades,” Matthew S. Smith writes for Digital Trends. “Now, it’s getting dark. Dark mode.”

“Apple and Microsoft have added dark mode support as a feature,” Smith writes. “Both MacOS and Windows now let you switch to it with just the click of a button. That’s great, but you may wonder – who’s the darkest of them all?”

“Either will keep you happy most of the time, but differences do appear when you dig deeper. Here’s the big one; Windows 10’s dark mode only applies to Universal Windows Platform apps. It doesn’t change older, legacy interfaces. That includes Explorer, Task Manager, and all the old Control Panel menus, some of which still don’t have their function replicated in Windows 10’s Settings Menu,” Smith writes. “That spoils the feature. The developers, prosumers, and enthusiasts who want dark mode the most are also the people who frequently seek out and use the legacy interfaces that don’t benefit from dark mode.”

“One operating system is darker than the other,” Smith writes. “macOS offers a better experience, with a complete implementation of dark mode across first-party menus and applications. Congratulations, Apple. Your darkness is unmatched.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s Mac beats Microsoft’s Windows. Apple’s macOS offers a better experience than Microsoft’s Windows. So, what else is new?


    1. If you are a developer, programmer, or someone into tech who studies tech, staring at computers for 8 hours a day or more, you would understand that the value of dark mode is to be easier on the eyes. Over time, you notice a huge difference.

      Also, Apple in general is a highly controlling outfit (ask any developer), with the notorious attitude that its the “Apple way, or No way” with the uncanny ability to limit innovation while simultaneously streamlining it. With those “appspects” considered, dark mode affords the end user an innocent dillusion (want real customization? take a look at linux mint KDE, or any KDE linux, now thats real customization) in feeling like they are making their mac “theirs” by customizing its look and feel just a little bit more.
      Lastly, on a personal note, dark mode is just sleeker, sexier, and well, less corny.

      Dan Ran
      Writer/blogger/tutorial creator @https://nerd-tech.net

  1. The PC hardware I’m running Windows Dark mode obliterates the best Mac hardware you can buy.

    Apple fanboiz May take some pride in their dark mode but it means jack sh1t to us Pros who have been forced back to Windows because Apple can’t build a pro computer worth buying.

    Get ready for a disappointing 2019 Mac Pro boiz….

    1. I have achieved a true proper solution to this personally. I built a tripple booting hackintosh (Mac OS, Ubuntu, Windows) that crushes any mac hardware wise. Just do that. If you are a true nerd and realist apple fanboy, then its the only solution.

    2. I also am/was an Apple fanboy, but I’m also a realist. And the sad truth is that you are correct about technical hardware specs. Macs just aren’t as powerful as non-mac PC’s. Apple needs to change that if they ever want the stability, beauty and power of Mac OS to match the hardware it runs on. And lets be honest, anyone who has used windows in the past couple years would be lying to themselves if they didn’t admit that Microsoft is actually once again, starting to design fairly polished operating systems. However, mac OS is still more stable than windows in my opinion. Therefore, although its less productive to run Pro (and power hungry) Apps on mac than it is on windows, its also less risky. So there are tradeoffs for both. Now, if Apple could finally get more serious with graphics cards (the real reason I just built myself a hackintosh) and gaming (ditch the Apple TV and bring in the Mac Gamecast), they would be back in the undisputed territory.

      Dan Ran
      Writer/blogger/tutorial creator @https://nerd-tech.net

    1. I really did not expect to like it. But I do.

      And I am one of those who constantly knocks Apple for its change for the sake of change whether it works or not mode.

      Hopefully a sign of things to come.

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