Apple removes all AirPort products from online and retail stores

“Apple back in April ended development on its AirPort line of products, which includes the $99 AirPort Express, the $199 AirPort Extreme, and the $299 AirPort Time Capsule,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors.

“At the time the accessories were discontinued, Apple said that it would continue selling existing stock until available supply was exhausted. It appears that point has been reached,” Clover reports. “There are no longer any AirPort products available for purchase from the online store or Apple retail locations, with the exception of some refurbished AirPort devices that may continue to be available on the refurbished site. ”

Clover reports, “In lieu of its own line of AirPort products, Apple is now offering third-party routers.”

eero's 2nd generation  Home Wi-Fi System (1 eero + 2 eero Beacons)
eero’s 2nd generation Home Wi-Fi System (1 eero + 2 eero Beacons)

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MacDailyNews Take: R.I.P. AirPort. Long live eero!

Looking to replace discontinued Apple AirPort gear? With Apple out of the Wi-Fi game, the closest we’re going to get to Apple-esque good looks and ease-of-use are Eero products. We use and recommend eero Home WiFi Systems.

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  1. 1) Airports (for me) were stable devices. When I first used airports instead of third party I was astonished how much more stable they were. They were designed from ground up to work with Apple devices. We’ve always said iPhones are better because Apple controls the chip, the OS and the design. Built for each other, seamless, is better.

    Now I got a third party Wifi device and I’ve lost connections to various parts of the house and need a booster which I never had to with my Airport.

    With Airport I had an interface to trouble shoot, the 3rd party Wifi that came with my cable provider is mainly built for PCs and most the Apple interface is ON the WEB ! so if my Wifi is dead so is the troubleshooting stuff…

    2) An Airport COULD have been, if they had INCREASED its capabilities instead of IGNORING it, a HUB to easily control and configure the increasingly complex house network.

    With Airplay, with TV shows, phones on Wifi, HomePods, Minis as servers, etc surely a control and troubleshooting hub for those who want them is a big plus?

    Will any third party router maker ever have the capability, the inside knowledge of Apple devices or even the desire to make a router/controller as Apple could have done? My third party wifi has almost no Apple device configuration help ability beyond the very basic.

    3) Small MARKET SHARE. OK maybe an airport market is small as many just use their cable providers wifi etc But Tim cook has said for SO MANY Apple initiatives form Apple Music on (plus rumours for the new TV shows) etc that Apple is not all in them for money but customer satisfaction. (note Apple music probably loses money as Spotify doesn’t make a profit).

    at the end if we read about the absurd efforts put into the Campus:
    are one and half year to design door handles, is campus window glass researched by Apple product designers more important than a hub for the Apple home network ?

    Seamless ECO SYSTEM is Apple’s advantage. As others have pointed out today you can’t even plug new iPhones into some Macs without a dongle while you can with PCs…

    1. Totally agreed.
      Ever since I purchased the first Airpot device (Airport base station, was it? That was a long time ago), then Airport Extreme (flat box one), I have never experienced any issues, not even a single drop except to blame provider. Hard to believe, but it’s true. It was a true “plug it and forget it” product. Airport Extreme has been working well for so many years with a solid 5Ghz connections and strong signals, when I heard that Apple might be dropping the Airport, I immediately purchased blindly the latest AirPort Extreme (a long cube one), fully knowing it might be of somewhat obsolete design. But hey, it’s been working so great without a single issue, I needed a spare. And I think it was a bargain price (something like C$250 or so?, a rare bargain in today’s Cook/Apple world) when other brands of routers cost hundreds of dollars. I am willingly pay Apple Taxes for something worth it. Perhaps Cook does not know what the router is, and how to properly price it, thank you!

      1. Yes.

        Also to get a third party Wifi router or booster you have to do research, looking through reviews etc. if it doesn’t work properly you have to return it.

        Just looking through reviews is probably a couple of hours.
        How much is time worth?

        I bet many Apple users would gladly pay an ‘Apple premium’ of 50-100+ for Apple wifi devices and as you say ” a true “plug it and forget it” product and one if they boosted it’s capabilities can be a ‘control hub’ as well.

        As an INVESTOR too , seeing the stock get trashed because too many analysts emphasize iPhone, isn’t it better for Apple to widen its product base especially in things it’s good at?

        With one billion plus Apple users there’s no market for Apple routers? Sales might be down simply because Apple IGNORED it like the Mac Mini (until recently) , the Mac Pro etc.

    2. Obviously all of that is completely wrong. Apple has built a multi-hundred billion dollar company without any of that nonsense.

      Next you’ll want Apple to build fridges and washing machines, too.

      Please get your head out of your ass, it’s dark and smelly and not conducive to thinking straight.

    3. Ever since Apple announced their withdrawal from the WiFi bidness I have wondered over and over why they didn’t just get on the mesh bandwagon and make it ‘just work’ for all of us invested in the Apple ecosystem.

      I don’t think it was innovation (even though they have been slow on many fronts) adding another frequency band to allow inter-router communication while not slowing throughput (different from speed…) couldn’t have been that big of a hurdle.

      Profits? No, again I don’t see this as the reason, especially had they been on the bleeding edge like they were for WiFi in the 90s. Ever notice how any businesses use Airports just for reliability??

      I’m starting to wonder if a huge part of why Apple has dropped WiFi, monitors, servers and a few other peripherals is SUPPORT! They spend so much on call centers, tech support, genius bars and grills plus warranty/recall headaches that they simply don’t WANT to tie up resources supporting something like routers when they have so many man/hours tied up with phone support and some computer issues. They simply don’t want the headache from so may ‘newbies’ trying to configure networks.

  2. The Airport line has been a huge benefit to millions. It became a “hobby” about 5 years ago instead of a business when Apple “lost interest” and was happy raking in profits but not thinking about how to help its customers network in the future. Next, Apple will drop Macs, which are currently in the “hobby” mode, being updated only when the customers become a nuisance and complain after four or five years without an update. Soon, it will just be iPhones and Apple Watch and coffee table books.

    1. Pretty much. And around about the time iOS is turning 18, they’ll be transitioning to the next big thing and all the millions of iOS users will be feeling the pain macOS users are feeling today. Apple II to PowerMac, PowerMac to Intel Mac, Intel Mac to iOS… I could probably find an old Apple II or PowerMac article now, repost it without the name of the system and you’d think it was written yesterday.

  3. I’ve just transitioned from my AirPort Extreme AC to a Ubiquiti Unifi access point and Edge Router. I didn’t want the router from my telco when I changed from DSL to FTTH two weeks ago and the Airport Extreme didn’t support VLAN tagging. I also replaced my network switch with one that supports VLANs so I can separate my IoT devices from the other devices. Even with being a tech savvy person it was a pain to configure everything. It would have been nice to have an easy to use Apple product that integrated this capability for IoT, HomeKit, guests, and iDevices. I guess I’m dreaming . . . .

    1. Got a Linkys from Cisco a few years back and it gave a lot more problems than my AirPort.

      Apple has deals with Samsung, Intel, Google, Qualcomm etc and it doesn’t stop them from making their own devices when it serves them. Look at Apple Maps after Apple had a map deal with Google. Apple even had a Motorola Apple PHONE , the Rokr. Jobs called it a failure and decided that building your own phone is better, the rest is history…

  4. Good ridden , Apple airport stuff was just another apple hobby destined for abandonment.

    I dumped that crap years ago for Ubiquiti stuff and never looked back. I haven’t had to restart my stuff now for years. With Apple you had to restart to get your speeds back.

    Watch out for apple hobbies, you get dropped without notice and left holding the bag.

  5. I was disappointed to hear this. I sold my now obsolete Extreme and Time Capsule for top dollar on Amazon and got the Google Mesh WiFi System which I think is more stylish than the Eero. Super strong WiFi and self-adjusting to minimize interference without rebooting.

  6. i don’t know why everyone is so upset, the apple wifi equipment was total consumer garbage. it has terrible throughput and 0 access to normal settings like every other cheaper better faster smarter wifi widget out there.


    we changed out our whole fleet for ubiquiti ages ago and its light years ahead in tech and speed and everything else apple could possible have thought of.

    1. you’re arguing that somehow AirPort is ‘Naturally Bad’, nope it’s only not the best because Apple wilfully IGNORED it, like they ignored the Mac Mini and Pro.

      so it’s so wonderful that a company who ignores a product, doesn’t update it, a perviously best selling highly rated device, and then abandons it?

      Apple almost did the SAME thing with the MAC DESKTOP LINE. They only upgraded the Mini — which non updated had become a PERFORMANCE JOKE compared to PCs — because iPhone sales are now FLAT. I.e they need more revenue. So it have been great for Mac users if Apple abandon all the Macs if there was more money selling iCloud Storage?

      So if Ford doesn’t update it’s cars but tries selling tech y’know like 2015 models at full price today and then it doesn’t sell and cancels all the cars, it’s so great? You’re going to say to Ford fans and investors : “hey ! Get a Toyota. ”

      People argue ‘why build Wifi when others do it’
      so did Apple buy Beats when there are plenty of great Head Phones etc?
      Why did Apple make the iPhone when there were other phones?
      Google Maps is STILL better than Apple Maps in many areas yet Apple keeps plugging at it…

      I’m angry because if Apple PAID ATTENTION, they could have made a new GREAT DEVICE, I’m angry because as a consumer and investor I realize it’s all about ECO SYSTEM. I’m worried because the HEART of Apple, what made it great was wonderful hardware and software, now they are paying so much attention to emojis, campus furniture, watch bands etc.

  7. Look the way to get Apple to notice your disgust is to:

    Boycott their services, iCloud, Maps the stores; as many as you can
    Don’t update your phones.

    In other words give them a good kick up the bum.

    I’ve got a 6sPlus which I’m not going to upgrade until I’m dragging and kicking to do so. Likewise Apple has hobbled me when it comes to Mojave as some of my critical software can’t be upgraded so my 2015 iMac and High Sierra is as far as I go for the foreseeable future.

    I know this might sound harsh but until Apple takes a real hit to their profits they’ll blithely and arrogantly go about screwing us over and over and again.

    Oh, and for the record, I absolutely refuse to use iCloud and I limit myself from using their Maps programme as well. Buying from “the store” forget it! In fact I’m so pissed off with Apple (pardon my language) that I go out of my way to limit my involvement with the company out of principle. Do I use Windows? No! Do I use Android products? No! Do I naively and continuously hand over money to a company that screws me over and over again? No way. Maybe you should do the same thing.

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