Bendgate 2: Apple’s new, ultra-thin iPad Pro models may be prone to bending

“Apple’s new 11 and 12.9-inch models are its thinnest yet, measuring in at just 5.9mm, and both forum complaints and a new bend test video suggest the two devices have the potential to bend without a huge amount of force,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors.

“On the MacRumors forum, there have been a few complaints of bending from MacRumors readers,” Clover reports. “Forum member Bwrin1, for example, posted a photo of a bent 12.9-inch iPad Pro suggesting it had bent from just a weekend trip in a backpack.”

“The iPad Pro in question does indeed appear to have a curve to it, refusing to lay flat on a table,” Clover reports. “At the same time, YouTuber JerryRigEverything has posted a bend test video of the new iPad Pro, which indicates it has the potential to bend with a limited amount of force.”

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MacDailyNews Take: While we dream Liquidmetal daydreams, beloved interns: TTK!

Do you have a new iPad Pro? Has it bent, yet? Let us know below.

As always, treat and protect your hardware well!


    1. Because no one would watch or read… and then ask their FRIENDS to watch or read… a video or article about that! The point is NOT to be informative, but to be as entertaining as possible!

  1. When did people start thinking all electronic devices are invulnerable? Stupidgate indeed. I always wrap my iPhones and iPads in a protective cover, and, guess what? No problems! Funny how that works…

  2. Yeah, compared to the chassis design of the first iPad Pro, this new one can be bent with relatively little effort, and certainly under packing pressures in backpacks or bags. The one I have was slightly curved right out of the box, and it is definitely flexible, unlike its predecessors.

  3. Oh, I also watched this idiot’s destructo fest, and he was entirely wrong about the tip on the new Pencil. It just screws off, just like the first one. (But why didn’t Apple include a replacement tip in the box like they did for the first one? Makes the price increase especially loathsome.)

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