Has Apple’s share price finally bottomed out?

“Bulls came out on top Thursday after another volatile session for the key indexes in the stock market today,” Nancy Gondo writes for Barron’s. “The Nasdaq led the charge as hard-hit tech stocks rebounded.”

“The Nasdaq romped 1.7%, the S&P 500 rallied 1.1% and the Dow Jones industrial average added 0.8%. Small caps also fared well as the Russell 2000 surged 1.2%,” Gondo writes. “Apple, Cisco, and Microsoft were among the most active Nasdaq gainers by share volume. The trio also boosted the Dow Jones industrial average.”

“Apple snapped a five-session losing streak, leaving investors wondering if it’s hit a bottom. On Wednesday, it fell to 18% off its Oct. 3 high as it tried to regain its 200-day line. Warren Buffett’s latest 13-F filing showed the billionaire investor added 522,802 shares of Apple,” Gondo writes. “The iPhone maker now represents a 25.77% stake in Berkshire Hathaway’s portfolio, up from 23.84% in Q2. Berkshire owns 5% of Apple’s outstanding shares.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Those who got in at well under $190 have to be smiling today. 😁


  1. I don’t know, I’ve been having fun saying the word
    “DOOOOOOOOOOM” too much lately, I kinda want it to continue. I’ll tell ya, it’s almost as much fun as saying the word

  2. Yes, it’s bottomed out and by this time next year when it’s at $350-400 I’ll be again asking myself, why oh why don’t I put the money I use to buy their stuff into their stock instead?

  3. ‘those who got in under 190”
    split adjusted I started buying aapl sub 10
    seen it all including losing 50% or so in the 2007 crash
    Typing this from a gulf island ferry terminal where i’m looking for recreational property, made possible by aapl

    As better analysts said today Apple typically stock components 6 months in advance so ‘noise’ about supply chain affecting this quarter is stupid — shows zero understanding of Apples supply chain. Apple might have simply changed components like cameras for the next gen of phones. Irrational crash, a buying opportunity.

    I,m frequent critic of Tim Cook, Ive etc over Mac and so on but this slump in stock. doesn’t jive with last quarters great 41% earnings gain report. Even the supposed ‘tepid’ guidance for Christmas shows revenue growth from last year.

  4. yes, true that those of us who have prescience, have made AAPL a main focus

    since my shares of $4.90 are doing well, wish i had invested enough to retire to a gulf island, but i am retired nonetheless at 58

    Thank you Apple, Apple fans, and AAPL!!!!!

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