Apple’s new Mac mini creates concern about upcoming Mac Pro

“Compared to the prior generation, the new Mac mini is a veritable powerhouse packed in the same diminutive square. You can even upgrade the RAM after you buy it, a rarity among Apple products,” Michael Simon writes for Macworld. “But in 2018, the new Mac mini feels like more of a concession than an innovation.”

“After four years, Apple basically gave us the barest minimum Mac mini upgrade to get us through the next four years. I have little hope that Apple will pay any attention to the Mac mini until sometime in 2022, if it ever does,” Simon writes. “With the exception of the MacBook Pro, Apple tends to upgrade its Macs just enough so it can safely ignore it for a few years.”

“Who’s to say the new Mac Pro won’t be just as disappointing? I have no doubt that it’ll be loaded with the latest Xeon processors, gobs of RAM, and loads of storage, but will it deliver the innovation and ease of use that professionals really want?” Simon writes. “While I was once confident that the extra time Apple is taking means it is tweaking, fine-tuning, and refining the design, the Mac mini makes me skeptical… What if Apple merely tweaks the case and adds a few Thunderbolt 3 ports?”

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MacDailyNews Take: The current Mac Pro (trashcan) design is dead. Apple cannot simply tweak that design (à la Mac mini) and deliver a salable upgrade, much less one that’ll have long-suffering pros lining up to buy them.

For us, the new Mac mini doesn’t create any more concern over the next-gen Mac Pro than wasn’t already there in spades (due to the extreme lateness in replacing the current Mac Pro’s dead-end design).


  1. The Mac mini is the standard Mac desktop for those of us who do not like or want an all in one. There are plenty of good arguments in favor of a headless over an integrated design. For the security minded/paranoid: you cannot hack a mic or camera if the thing is unplugged.

    I ordered one as the singer was finishing up the presentation when I saw the store website was up.

    I ordered the 3.2GHz i7 with 16GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD storage. It will be replacing a MacBook Pro that rarely gets taken mobile and will be traded in.

    I already have a nice 32″ UHD H-P Pavilion monitor, the current Apple Trackpad and a nice Logitech K811 BT keyboard that is rear illuminated and matches the rest.

    Note that the new mini uses desktop chips- not the laptop chips previously used. It is all SSD and mine has a 6 core i7. Lots of I/O, latest Wi-Fi and BT specs. I still have a Laser Printer, a Scanner (I do not like the combos) a nice M-Audio full size keyboard, a ProBox (4 disc), an external BluRay drive, etc to connect- the plentiful connections are appreciated.

    The Graphics, while integrated, are capable of driving a 5 K display and we all know mac OS supports external GPUs. I am planning to wait and see before deciding on or if with an eGPU. It would be nice if OWC would make a mini stack eGPU case like the ones they do for HDs.

    On the security side, the new mini has the T2 chip. Apple is undoubtedly putting these in all new Mac designs and that pretty much puts an end of life on Hackintoshes. My guess is that once non T2 Macs are EOLed, they OS will refuse to boot without one.

    For raw horsepower I still have the beast- a cheesegrater Mac Pro workstation, but this will be my new primary home office computer.

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