macOS Mojave’s many software updates

“One of Mojave’s more subtle changes is its reversion to a Software Update pane in System Preferences,” Howard Hoakley writes for Eclectic Light Company. “Behind that, much more is different.”

“The Software Update pane checks with Apple’s update servers whether there is an update available for Mojave itself, which presumably should include any Security Updates which Apple might release for it,” Hoakley writes. “These shouldn’t any longer be offered as updates in the App Store. So when you hear that 10.14.1 has been released, as it should be any day now, use the Software Update pane to download and install that update if it doesn’t already inform you that there’s a system update waiting.”

Hoakley writes, “The option to Install system data files and security updates is important, as it lets Apple push security updates to your Mac automatically, rather than your having to install them yourself.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s more logical to have Software Update within System Preferences instead of in the Mac App Store.

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