Teardown reveals iPhone Xr secrets

“Don’t want to spend $1,000 on a smartphone? This year Apple brings top-tier specs to the iPhone XR so you can get all the fancy features you want for less. Did they compromise too much? Not enough?” Fixit asks. “Since when is $750 cheap? There’s only one way to find out—let’s tear it down!”

“The XR inherited many of the same traits as its XS siblings, but it did not inherit speedy gigabit-LTE capabilities,” Fixit reports. “The XR inherited a lot of features from the XS, but only got one camera—the wide-angle, while the telephoto stays with the XS.”

“What’s this? A modular SIM card reader! That’s an iPhone first,” Fixit reports. “Not only does this mean quick swaps of a dead SIM reader, it also reduces the cost of replacing your logic board! Win-win!”

Read more in the full, live teardown here.

MacDailyNews Note: This teardown is being update live as we publish this, so hop on over to iFixit to follow along with the dissection!


  1. I think the iPhone XR is getting the reputation of the iPhone that everyone loves to hate. It seems a lot of reviewers don’t think consumers are getting their money’s worth from a $750 iPhone for various reasons.

    1. Yet many reports claim it to be the best cost/performance of the available iPhones and a few have claimed it the best ever such mix. Not commenting on any varacity of any particular report just that if what you say is true there seems to be no consistency in the critiques at all. However as I haven’t seen any reviews of the nature you are talking of it is difficult to accept without any supporting evidence a basis for the ‘reputational’ claim you talk of. I mean if it’s the phone ‘everyone loves to hate’ then negative reviews would be impossible to avoid.

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