Apple’s builds insurmountable wall against ‘GrayKey’ iPhone passcode hack in iOS 12

“Apple has managed to prevent the hottest iPhone hacking company in the world from doing its thing,” Thomas Brewster reports for Forbes. “Uncloaked by Forbes in March, Atlanta-based Grayshift promised governments its GrayKey tech could crack the passcodes of the latest iOS models, right up to the iPhone X. From then on, Apple continued to invest in security in earnest, continually putting up barriers for Grayshift to jump over. Grayshift continued to grow, however, securing contracts with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the Secret Service.”

“Now, though, Apple has put up what may be an insurmountable wall,” Brewster reports. “Multiple sources familiar with the GrayKey tech tell Forbes the device can no longer break the passcodes of any iPhone running iOS 12 or above. On those devices, GrayKey can only do what’s called a ‘partial extraction,’ sources from the forensic community said. That means police using the tool can only draw out unencrypted files and some metadata, such as file sizes and folder structures.”

“Though it’s clear Apple has locked GrayShift out, no one actually knows just how the iPhone maker has done it,” Brewster reports. “Vladimir Katalov, chief of forensic tech provider Elcomsoft, bas repeatedly uncovered weaknesses in Apple technology. But he was stumped too.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Want a secure and private smartphone or tablet? Only Apple delivers it with iOS-powered iPhones and iPads!

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  1. “Build the wall! Build the wall! Build the wall!”

    I’ve heard that somewhere before.

    “Now, though, Apple has put up what may be an insurmountable wall,” Brewster reports. “Multiple sources familiar with the GrayKey tech tell Forbes the device can no longer break the passcodes of any iPhone running iOS 12 or above.”

    A wall is useless, won’t amount to its objective and is a waste of money, didn’t you hear Apple?

    Maybe put Apple in charge of national border security and those who now complain will be cool with it.

    Not trying to be political, well, Hell, yes I am. You know there are those who would cheer Apple’s efforts “right-on, right-on, way to go Apple” while at the other end of their mouth say “F-you president and your stupid wall.”

        1. “make it run”!!!

          So have you seen the recent speech from your senile man-baby’s best friend, Vlad the Impaler?
          Vlad said:
          – The age of the US is over.
          – Trump takes his advice.
          And then, later, insulted the Seal of the US.

        1. Just wait until the full wrath of the exploding deficit hits the country.

          Sure…growth will take care of those tax cuts. lol. Anyone who knows math knows that is so full of crap.

          The economy was already in a long recovery with low unemployment. Trump and the GOP hacks goosed it with a tax cut for the wealthy and businesses. Sure, it looks good now. But wait and see. The market will crash again just like under Reagan and Bush.

          Massive tax cut for the wealthy…then five years or so later – economic collapse of epic proportions. Where is the conservatism in that. McConnell is a cancer in Congress

  2. It will always be a cat and mouse game. One builds a wall, another builds a taller ladder. Therefore I am not as much comforted by Apple’s latest security improvement as I am comforted by the company’s commitment to continually improving security.

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