Apple sends invitations to media for ‘There’s more in the making’ special event on October 30th in Brooklyn

It’s official! Apple today sent out media invites for a second major 2018 event set to be held in New York on Tuesday, October 30th at 10am EDT.

The event will take place at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Howard Gilman Opera House in Brooklyn, New York.

In a twist, Apple sent out multiple different designs to members of the media on the “There’s more in the making” invitations.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple did indeed make it fit into October!


  1. wow.
    last event was just now Sept. 12.
    better be bigger (not freaks’ smaller) iPad Pros!
    Pro users do not need miniaturization!
    If iPhone X Max is bigger, why not iPads!
    better not just be musical event.
    Apple never did more than 1 poster for an event – hopefully it’s plenty of new hardware… ; )

  2. I LOVE most of these designs. Let’s hope the creativity extends to the products as well! I wonder if there’s a specific music tie-in to the venue. At least they’re tickling our imagination again.

    1. Another signal bleeding out of
      Apple. Perhaps it’s a subliminal method to indicate indecision and weak focus at Apple. By this means, it’s also inadvertently crying out for professional help but can’t come right out to admit it.

  3. Multiple designs, to me, indicate multiple, competing visions at Apple. It all reflects a diffused messaging which is not good PR because it’s not focused. SJ would never allow this weakness to be exposed; He would fix it to produce a unifying message and a unified Apple management.

    1. You are being funny right? This is a common theme amongst high art exhibitions and the like. Could be considered elitist I guess but a defused message no way, it’s used to express a diverse mix of creativity which forms a strong visual message in its own right and is strongly symbolic. This is about freeing the creatives to be creative each in their own way and that’s the very focus of the iPad Pros potential which is likely to be the events star presentation. Especially with a full version of Photoshop coming to the platform. Indeed that is the first step to the very iPad/Mac seamless integration I have long been arguing for, certainly for my work as an illustrator using both together, each excelling in their own way, to work on unified imagery. Too soon for that bigger picture I suspect but only a matter of time, and these invites sow the seeds of that vision.

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