Apple’s flagship iPhone Xs Max is easily worth the extra $100 over the smaller iPhone Xs

“When upgrading to Apple’s new iPhone XS, you have to choose between the 5.8-inch XS or the 6.5-inch XS Max,” Vadim Yuryev writes for AppleInsider. “After spending a month with both phones, there’s a few real-world differences between the two models that may be worth knowing about before reaching a decision.”

“First of all, the massive 6.5-inch display of the iPhone XS Max is so immersive and mesmerizing. It’s perfect for everything from watching YouTube videos to movies on Netflix, or playing games like Fortnite,” Yuryev writes. “The bezels on the XS Max are actually slightly thinner than the ones on the XS. It’s hard to notice, but the specs show that the screen to body ratio is 1.5 percent higher than its smaller counterpart. Depending on what you’re doing with it, the iPhone XS can look a bit cramped, whereas the Max looks very open and roomy… The XS Max is loaded with a 3,174 mAh battery, compared to 2,658 on the iPhone XS. It’s rated by Apple for an extra hour of overall battery life, but a real-world test by Consumer Reports saw that the XS Max got about an hour and a half more than the XS, and 6.5 hours more than the iPhone X”

“Overall, the iPhone XS Max is basically the iPhone of my dreams. The screen is so massive and immersive that it’s just awe-inspiring,” Yuryev writes. “When Apple revealed the iPhone XS Max costs only $100 more the XS, I was shocked. Having both phones in hand for a couple of weeks, there’s no question that the iPhone XS Max is easily worth the extra $100 and even more.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s flagship iPhone Xs Max is a steal for just $100 over the iPhone Xs!

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

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  1. I agree with him completely about the visceral reaction to immersive screen. I’ve never had an iPhone (or any phone) that felt so close to perfection. Absolutely awesome.

    Regarding the increased ratio of screen to body areas, for XS Max vs XS:

    Mathematically, if the bezels were identical in thickness, that change is exactly what you’d expect, even without notches.

      1. WHICH difference in size is too small for WHAT purpose?

        1) the difference in the ratio of screen to body for the XS vs XS Max is too small vs what one would expect?

        2) the difference in size between the XS and the XS Max is not as great as you would like it to be?

        3) Some other difference is smaller than something else?

  2. A number of Youtubers didn’t like the XS Max because they claim their fingers aren’t long enough and that only a chimp fingers could reach all the edges. Everyone has an opinion and personal preferences. Purchase whatever size iPhone is most comfortable to use. I suppose that’s why they have demo units in Apple retail stores to try out.

  3. For those who disagree with my claim about about screen to body ratio for XS vs XS Max, consider this.

    – Assume for a second that both phones had no notches.

    – Now, if the thickness of the Max’s bezels were thicker than the XS’s bezels exactly in direct proportion to the increase in diagonal size, then the ratio of the screen area to full frontal area for each of the two phones would be IDENTICAL.

    – Given THAT fact: then it follows that if the bezel THICKNESS on the two phones were IDENTICAL, then screen-area to body-area ratio for the Max would larger than that of the XS

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