After complaints, Apple replaces their bagel emoji with a new design

“When Apple first unveiled the design of its forthcoming bagel emoji, there was an almighty furore,” Rachel Thompson reports for Emojipedia. “Bagel-loving New Yorkers criticised the initial design for its sub-par appearance.”

“As Nikita Richardson writes in Grub Street: ‘Let’s talk about that distressingly smooth crust. What midwestern bagel factory did this bagel come out of?” Thompson reports. “‘To be frank, this bagel emoji should only be used to illustrate what kind of bagel you don’t want your friend to pick up on the way over,’ Richardson added. She also took exception to the woeful absence of cream cheese. C’mon, Apple, what were you thinking?”

“Well, the good news is this: the bagel emoji has had a makeover,” Thompson reports. “Yes, it now includes cream-cheese, which at the very least gives it the air of being moderately edible.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: That’s a much better-looking bagel, Apple!

Apple brings 70+ new emoji to iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac in upcoming software updates – October 2, 2018


  1. Bagle-Gate has finally ended! Amazing what some folks will bitch about. I get that the previous one looked “slightly” like a donut but damn. Ok bring on the the cream cheese haters…

    1. Thankfully it only delayed the introduction of the 2019 Mac Pro just a few months with the side distraction redesigning this bagel. After all priorities ARE priorities.

  2. “Bagel loving NY’ers”
    FCOL, anyone who knows knows the BEST bagels in the world are in Montreal (not kidding). St-Viateur or Fairmount, pick your favorite (they are similar) but nothing comes close. There are not even any sesame seeds on those bagels!

  3. Who would have guessed that a new bagel emoji would actually be important enough to be a news story on MDN?

    Can MDN create a MDNK ( site for crap CRAP useless USELESS ‘news’ like this that are specifically for kids, and snowflakes?

    Grow the eff up already…

    1. Yes, by criticizing Apple’s CGI bagel design, anti-diversity Nikita Richardson ridiculed Midwest bagels, in the same way, I imagine, that Hillary overlooked (and perhaps ridiculed) Midwest voters to make herself lose the election to Trump.

  4. The bagel emoji gets fixed fast when people complain.

    the Mac Pro , their flagship desktop, they are selling on their website came out in 2013 (and practically not changed).

    I guess it tells you a lot.

    I sort of get that emojis help — even in tiny way — to sell big earning iPhones. But does that mean Apple concern is directed so very much just by dollars vs tech like in having the best Macs ? The speed and concern that Apple today deals with issues like emojis vs some long running tech issues is really glaring.

    1. Emoji’s help about as much as the capital letter R… in that it’s in Unicode and Apple supports Unicode, so Apple has to support the capital letter R, and all the characters (and emoji’s) that Unicode supports. If Unicode adopts new characters (and emoji’s) next year, Apple will adopt them. It’s pretty much automatic.

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