Apple Watch Series 4: The Watch we’ve been waiting for all along

“Sure, Apple Watch is a huge success, outselling all rivals, but there are still a lot of fence-sitters not sure if it’s really a worthwhile addition to their Apple ecosystem,” Jason Cross writes for Macworld. “If this sounds like you, it’s time to get off the fence. The improvements in Series 4 — a bigger display, faster processor, and better sensors — make Apple Watch downright delightful to use, elevating it from ‘neat gadget for Apple fans’ to ‘gotta-have-it addition to your iPhone.'”

“This is the Apple Watch that finally feels like it delivers on the promise Apple has been building toward for the last four years,” Cross writes. “Bigger is bigger. But it’s hard to appreciate just how much it improves usability until you try it out yourself. I have thin wrists and replaced my old large 42mm watch with the new small 40mm Series 4. It looks and feels better on my wrist, I didn’t give up an ounce of screen area, and still every part of the interface feels easier to manipulate.”

“The Series 4 is way faster than the Series 3, but it’s thinner and has a smaller battery, and yet it still lasts just as long, perhaps even longer,” Cross writes. “Bravo!”

Much more in the full review here.

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  1. Which means it was a massive leap from Series 1 to 4 for me. I love it. I can see when I go into restaurants even the waiters are talking about getting one and were excited about seeing mine. There are going to be some mighty big sales numbers ahead for the season.

  2. I’d like to hear from those who own swiss watches. Would you buy what could seriously be the last watch you could ever need? With AWS4, the swiss collection goes into long term storage, no?

    1. Some watches are fashion statements or status symbols as much as utilitarian timekeeping devices. After all, you don’t really need a Rolex to figure out that you have around ten minutes until your next meeting. A basic $20 quartz watch will keep time with more than sufficient accuracy.

      Even when some new product ascends to take a leading role, that does not mean that the older technology necessarily has to die off, at least not immediately. There is value in maintaining the old ways. We still have blacksmiths, for instance. And I truly wish that we still had the Disney hand-animation group.

      Longer term, the main challenge will be keeping analog timepieces maintained and functional. I imagine that watch making and watch repair skills are becoming increasingly scarce.

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