How to install macOS Mojave on unsupported Macs

“As you may know by now, the list of macOS Mojave compatible Macs is more strict than previous releases of Mac OS system software, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t install and run macOS Mojave on some unsupported Macs,” OSXDaily writes. “If you’re an advanced Mac user and you’re reasonably brave (and have adequate backups), then it turns out you might be able to install and run MacOS Mojave on unsupported Mac hardware after all, thanks to a free third party tool from the technical wizard known as ‘DosDude.'”

OSXDaily writes, “Essentially the Mojave Patcher Tool creates a modified USB installer drive (similar to the regular Mojave boot installer drive you can make) which you can then use to install not only macOS Mojave on the otherwise unsupported Macs listed below, but also a series of patched macOS Mojave component files that allow it to boot.”

OSXDaily writes, “DosDude also produced a YouTube video demonstrating macOS Mojave on a technically unsupported older MacBook Pro 17″ model from 2009, and Mojave actually appears to run pretty well on the machine.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Good luck, unsupported Mac users!


    1. Really? I own shares and tried it. Cutting people’s computers off at the knees is not the way to win friends and influence enemies. Creating things people WANT to buy, because they are way better and not a bunch more expensive, not HAVE to buy, is much better. Apple has forgotten that.

      Installed it on a Mid-2010 27″ iMac. It worked well, except for video problems. The colors of everything were off — the Mojave sand dune was blue, instead of yellow — and dragging windows around left trails (like mouse trails) that would go away after you stopped dragging and clicked the mouse. Other than those it seemed to run OK. Restored to High Sierra.

      I guess Apple has made it to Microsoft’s level where you can’t run the new operating system only because of the video card. Hail, Mojave Vista!

    2. The usual straw man argument.

      I own a ton of Apple shares, and I could care less if someone installs an unsupported version of MacOS using a hack. I even made a Hackintosh with a Dell 9″ netbook, back in the day.

        1. Of course, your statement is a straw man, since you haven’t proven that a single person here who owns shares is a “member of the EULA police”. Total fiction in your own mind.

  1. I’ve been using DosDude’s patches since Sierra on my 2008 MacBook Pro and on a 2009 iMac for my Mom. It just works awesomely! I never got the graphics issue on Mojave that had been reported, but it is apparently related to NightShift and DosDude just released a patch for it yesterday. I’m also running the patches on a 2010 Mac Mini which just became deprecated (that is, High Sierra was supported without patches, but not Mojave).

    I don’t see Apple getting too POed. These are still Macs after all and some of us can’t afford to update all that often. When I am able to, I’ll buy new Macs. Meanwhile, I know I’m unsupported and can’t gripe to Apple, which I think is the main thing they would care about.

    1. I would like to buy a new 32″ iMac, or a desktop Mac with a Apple branded 32″ monitor, these are easy to do but Apple is brain dead and tone death at this point incredible….

      Owner of a mid 2011 iMac.

  2. MacBook Pro mid-2010 user here. Did all upgrades that were possible to the machine (SSD + HDD = 1.5tb of storage and 16gb ram).

    Give me a new MacBook where I can have 1.5tb storage and can upgrade it in the future for 3tb or 4tb for less than 1500$ and I’m in. Until then, High Sierra it is.

      1. I have a late 2011 MBP, 16GB ram, 2TB HDD – have been considering using the DosDude patch. I just did a full restore to a brand new HDD after my previous one (Seagate 2TB) had a catastrophic death (unexplainable – but not the first Seagate I’ve had die for no good/obvious reason).

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