Engadget reviews Apple’s iPhone Xs and Xs Max: These are fantastic smartphones

“When Apple introduced the iPhone X last year, it didn’t just release a new phone — it presented a new vision of what iPhones should be. The fact that the X became Apple’s top-selling model quarter after quarter was proof that people were embracing change,” Chris Velazco writes for Engadget. “Now, with the arrival of the new iPhone XS and XS Max, Apple’s vision feels almost inescapable.”

“That’s not necessarily a bad thing for iOS fans,” Velazco writes. “These new XS models represent Apple at the top of its hardware game, and if you buy either of them, you probably won’t need to upgrade for quite a while. They’re that good.”

“Last year’s iPhone X defined a new kind of normal for Apple’s smartphone fans. This year’s iPhone XS, meanwhile, is all about balancing polish and progress. The XS uses the same thoughtfully updated iOS 12 as the iPhone X and their physical designs are basically identical, but a more powerful chipset and much-needed camera improvements make the XS a solid step forward,” Velazco writes. “For better or worse, the iPhone XS Max is just a massive iPhone XS. That’s great in some ways: its 6.5-inch display is fantastic for watching videos and lining up photos, and there’s a much better battery here, too… Beyond that, it’s simply going to be too much phone for some people to use comfortably with one hand. (You really need to try it before buying, if possible.) Even so, this is still Apple’s best big smartphone…”

“To say that these are Apple’s best iPhones ever isn’t really saying much — that’s true of just about every iPhone release,” Velazco writes. “With that said, the iPhone XS and XS Max subtly improve on the important work Apple started last year with the iPhone X in just about every way that matters. These aren’t just worthy successors, they’re fantastic smartphones in their own right.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s A12 + iOS 12 are a match made in heaven on X-class iPhones.

Here’s hoping we see X-class iPads that dump the antiquated, staccato-inducing Home button this year, too!

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

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  1. Among all the reviews posted on the web, many are comparing the last year’s iPhone X with this years iPhone XS and considering it a slight upgrade. One thing I don’t see is the attention given to the added memory of 512 GB. This is huge in my view.

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