Mashable reviews Apple’s iOS 12: Finally, the fear of upgrading is over

“Every year, when Apple releases a new version of iOS, the questions start. Friends, family, total strangers — it doesn’t matter who asks, the question is always the same: Should I download the latest version of iOS?” Karissa Bell writes for Mashable. “They ask, not because they want my opinion on Apple’s latest software trick, but a separate, nagging concern: Won’t it slow down my phone?

“But iOS 12 is different. With the latest update, Apple put performance and stability first, and not just for its most recent hardware. The update, which is compatible back to the iPhone 5S, has also been optimized to run faster and more efficiently on older phones,” Bell writes. “So, yes, you can update to iOS 12 without slowing down your phone. In fact, if you have an older iPhone or iPad, it should actually make it faster (yes, really).”

“Apple’s focus on performance isn’t just limited to older devices. There are numerous under-the-hood tweaks that make iOS 12 faster and smoother for everyone. In practice, this may not be immediately obvious as the result is that, well, everything works the way you expect it to,” Bell writes. “I’ve been using iOS 12 since the first day the developer beta was available, and it’s easily the least buggy iOS update I can remember.”

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  1. iOS 12 updated on a SE iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone 7, IPad Air2, iPad Pro. They all work super fast. No problems to date. Love the update. Not sure about the update on Pages and Numbers. The menus are too spread out vertically and don’t have the simple grids to keep the actions apart.
    Love the new Drawing Tools in Notes and in Pages. In Number I wish the drawing tools attached to a cell, instead of floating above the cell horizontally.
    Way to go Apple !!!

  2. Battery drained extremely fast the first day with iOS 12 on my iPhone 7 but now it’s back to normal after all the indexing and what have you had finished. I saw lots of people bitching about that but it only lasts a day or so.

  3. Just noticed a new way to switch apps. With ONE finger off screen at bottom, move finger slowly upwards til app dock moves up (and app size starts to change with finger movement) about 2 inches – then quickly move it right or left to move to another app. Sometimes it gives you all apps instead til ya get the hang of it

  4. I’ve never had a problem upgrading iOS as soon as available. Also I did the last beta last week my iphone X has been stable with no problems. I love how so many articles try to put a negative in front of a praise when it comes to Apple (not). Happy upgrading and can’t wait for my XS Max this friday.

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