CNBC reviews Apple’s iPhone Xs and Xs Max: ‘The best phones you can buy’

“I’ve been testing two of Apple’s three new iPhones during the past several days: the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max,” Todd Haselton reports for CNBC. “”

“The iPhone X, even a year later, is still arguably the best phone on the market. The XS is basically a new model with some improvements. Most of those improvements, though, are kind of hard to notice,” Haselton reports. “The larger iPhone XS Max has a 6.5-inch screen, which is bigger than the 6.4-inch on the massive Galaxy Note 9, but it still doesn’t feel too big to me. It’s the device I prefer of the two, and I love reading the news or filling out a crossword on the bigger screen.”

“If you have an old iPhone, like an iPhone 7, and want the best new iPhone, you should upgrade to the XS, or the Max if you want a giant screen. You might even consider upgrading if you have an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus, since Apple is clearly moving away from the home button and these offer better cameras, stronger glass panels, faster processors and more,” Haselton reports. “But if you have an iPhone X, you don’t need these new phones.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The biggest difference between the iPhone X and the new iPhones is the camera and the LTE speeds that are up to 266 percent faster. Read John Gurber’s review (and see the examples) at Daring Fireball here.

Nobody needs anything beyond food, water, and shelter. If you want to take noticeably better photos and videos, you need to upgrade to an iPhone Xs or Xs Max, even if you already have an iPhone X.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

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