Apple’s AirPower fiasco ‘doomed to failure’

“For those who eagerly watched the 2017 iPhone X release event last September 12, there is somewhat of an elephant in the room that Apple has so far refused to address: the AirPower wireless charging mat that it unveiled at the event with a promise of a 2018 release date,” Sonny Dickson blogs eponymously.

“We have managed to obtain several pieces of exclusive information that shed some light on what challenges Apple is currently facing with the project,” Dickson writes. “According to our sources, the broad feeling of many working the project at Apple is that the device may be doomed to failure, and may not be viable at all unless significant advancements can be made.”

“Apple has, for now, scrubbed almost every mention of the wireless charging device from their website, suggesting that the product will either be canceled, dramatically delayed, or taken back to the drawing board with an all new design that would have a different appearance than the one Apple showed us at the 2017 iPhone X event,” Dickson writes. “Here are some of the key issues causing the most significant hurdles, as verified by multiple internal sources.”

• Heat management
• Buggy inter-device communication, as well as charging activation and issues with charging speed, and overall accuracy of charge levels.
• Mechanical and interference issues

The AirPower mat was billed by Apple as being able to charge iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods simultaneously
The AirPower mat was billed by Apple as being able to charge iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods simultaneously

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s AirPower is the very definition of vaporware.

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    1. My thinking too exactly. Apple – full of braggadocio and reassuring rhetoric until their level of incompetence torpedoes them, leaving only egg on their faces and users going elsewhere. Fortunately there’s always a Plan B for users.

  1. What is sad, is that in the past, I would shocked of Apple dropping the ball and even being accused of vaporware. However after several product misses, I am not surprised anymore. It is sad that Apple expects this to be the new normal for them but yet ridicule the competition for the same thing.

  2. I don’t have anything that uses wireless charging or anything like that, but why wouldn’t this be the same as a regular wired charger? You lay the phone on the pad and the phone taps into the power coming from its (internal) charging coil until the battery is full then it stops. Why does the pad have to be “smart”? It should just lay there and emit poisonous electromagnetic waves. 🙂 I guess it could turn itself off when it sees that no one is coupled to the magnetic field. Over design much? It’s funny they didn’t understand the difference between antenna and heating coil. There must not be a lot of HAMs at Apple.

  3. I sense a weak, scattered, and relaxed general management under Tim Cook in contrast to a strong, central authority that was under Steve Jobs. This may be due to two fissioning or at times conflicting forces: CEO Tim Cook’s mandate to run the company, on the one hand, and Job’s giving to Ive as much power as the CEO in the area of design, on the other. These two forces are problematic because they define the cleaving of Apple which is now built in and no one authority can do anything about it. They could be the forces that had a lot to do with the two likely vaporwares: MacPro and AirPower.

    1. “One misstep”??? really??? LOL!
      You’re one sad pathetic Timmy apologist!
      Want met to start the list of “little missteps” of Apple since Pipeline took over?

          1. Maps works flawlessly these days. I travel from Pennsylvania to Colorado,up to whitefish,Montana down to Houston Texas. I now live in Colorado and whenever I travel outside of my comfort zone it always Apple maps. 2 weeks from now I’ll be going to Bryce Canyon for 12 days and back up to Colorado from Houston. All using Apple maps. The flawed beginning all those years ago was resolved by firing Scott forstall, maps has vastly improved and the next update will be a major step up, so I read. I honestly don’t think the AirPod delay will be significant. As for your other gripes, all I can say is get another box of tampons of you e run out. Now go run along and have mommy subdue you with a nice happy meal.😉

  4. Meh….The whole wireless charing thing is just not that useful. You still need to plug in the charger base (so you still have wires) and your phone must be physically against the charger which makes it nearly unable to use it while its charging.

    Trust me my current wireless charger has sat in a drawer for close to a year since I’ve had my iPhoneX.

    1. Really? I love propping my phone against the wireless charger and never plugging it in. Yes, the charger has wires but I pugged it in once. My charger holds my phone at about a 60* angle and I use it regularly on the charger, using Face ID sitting at my desk it works great. I can’t recall ever plugging my phone in.

      1. Exactly, I see no advantage to a flat charger when you can have your devices facing you for use while charging. It’s a black eye for Apple but this was always a vanity device rather than a leap forward in usefulness. The AirPods charging case is pretty pointless without this thing too.

  5. Mac user since 1988. I make a good part of my living on my Mac so its serious for me. For what I do there is no legitimate Windows substitute.
    Apple is more interested in creating something new as opposed to something better. “Change is Good” BS! Change is good when its good and bad when its bad.

    Shiny gadgets, better to be new and shiny than to be properly tested to see if it actually works. Has to look good possibly at the expense of being better.

    Without 3rd party apps written for Mac, I think Apple would be out of computers altogether, a phone company who does not realize where the source of consumer good will actually came from.

    For Gods sake, make sure stuff works before you fling it out there as a fashion statement.

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