Apple may host another special event in October

“Apple hosted its annual iPhone unveiling event this week, showing off Apple Watch Series 4 alongside a trio of new iPhone models,” Evan Niu writes for The Motley Fool. “The event was dedicated exclusively to those two product lines, though, despite the fact that the company reportedly has plenty more important products in the pipeline.”

“Some years, Apple hosts two fall events, one in September followed by another in October. The company did not host an October event last year, but it did in 2016,” Niu writes. “Will the Mac maker host another event next month?”

“There are plenty of products that didn’t make the cut this week. Arguably the most meaningful would be a new redesigned iPad Pro that ditches the home button and adds a TrueDepth camera system in order to bring Face ID to Apple’s tablet,” Niu writes. “Investors also recently caught rumors of a new affordable MacBook and revamped Mac Mini, which are reportedly scheduled to launch later this year… Both Microsoft and Alphabet subsidiary Google are hosting product events in October, showing off new Surface and Pixel products, respectively, and Apple could potentially upstage its rivals by hosting another event.

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MacDailyNews Take: It makes far more sense to let iPhone and Apple Watch have their event and all of the attendant media attention for themselves and then, after preorders and shipping, eclipse Microsoft and Google will another special event next month.

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  1. Why do people think that Zero tactile feedback is a good thing? With my old iPod, I could do all sorts of things without even taking it out of my pocket.

    Also, does Apple make anything else besides iPads and iPhones? Sheesh!

    1. I fear that you are right, but I hope that you are wrong. Apple promised us a new Mac Pro. If they renege, I’ll retreat to my Windows machines and adjust my expectations. It pays to play on more than one court.

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