Apple’s new iPhones are big so you won’t put them down

“‘Big news,’ Apple’s website reads today, in text set over a photo of the new smartphone models the company just announced,” Ian Bogost writes for The Atlantic. “Two big iPhones display what look like gaseous planets. Big ones, like Jupiter, but maybe bigger than that, even. These phones are big.”

“The biggest one boasts a 6.5-inch display. But even the small phones are big now,” Bogost writes. “The ‘entry’ model, the iPhone XR, has a 6.1-inch display, almost three-quarters of an inch bigger than the iPhone 8 Plus, the previous large-screen model. The iPhone 8, which has the same footprint as models made since the 2014 iPhone 6, rocks ‘only’ a 4.7-inch display.”

“What’s going on? Bigger, costlier devices generate more profit, for one part. But for another, consumers seem to want bigger phones,” Bogost writes. “But Apple also has been pushing bigger models on its customers, so calling the trend a consumer choice is misleading and incomplete. Instead, Apple is making a statement about how you ought to use your smartphone. Not casually, but wholly. With your entire face and body involved. Both hands gripped fast to the device, held close, so the external world can recede and the smartphone’s can take its place.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Regardless of iPhone addiction or not, ’tis the bottom line that warms our hearts today: The South Korean dishwasher maker is crying today.


      1. I think a lot of us are hot/cold on large phones. The larger phone is the most pleasurable to use, the smaller phone more comfortable to carry. Which size is right for each person is a matter of their preferences and lifestyle.

  1. In the way that “the best camera you have is the one with you,” the best computing device is the one in your pocket. With 256 GB in my X, and some adaptive database programming, I have replaced the need for a laptop whilst traveling.

    iPhone Xs Max, here I come… device to rule them all.

      1. I scaled buttons, data entry, and reports (screen viewed) to the iPhone X. Some functions didn’t exactly scale so I created simplified workflows. In short, I customized my business functions for the iPhone X.

    1. I’d rather spit into the wind then edit photos on my phone, it’s just dumb.

      I guess it’s find for the FB crowd who post blurry photos from their phones, covered by some stupid filter.

  2. I freakin want an SE size phone with the edge to edge design of the X series…

    Damnit Apple! Make the damn thing would ya!

    Who’s with me! lets force Apple on this freaking non sens behavior. If Steve would be alive, this SE size would be a real thing!

    And that Xr is freaking bigger than the Xs…

      1. Third. iPhone SE form factor with wall-to-wall screen. Is that so hard for Apple designers to imagine? Should be a cakewalk.

        Or maybe the issue is that a phone of that size just doesn’t have room for a big enough battery to power the A12 Bionic chip.

        1. Good question. But honestly I could not care less about Face ID on an SE small factor phone. Widescreen, yes indeed. Load it with the best components it can handle at the lower price. I seriously doubt it will happen, so fingers crossed my SE lasts another five years …

    1. I want an improved SE. I’m a guy, and want a phone that I can actually carry on my person. The new ones don’t seem to meet that requirement

      The just replaced SE came out in the Spring, out of cycle with the rest of the iPhone line.

      I’ll be waiting until next spring to what emerges from Cupertino before even considering upgrading.

      Or not.

  3. Yes, handsome and powerful phones but edge-to-edge screens? No. The notch is still taking up some of the top edge. And MDN has even pointed this out numerous times.

    So please, people: Quit diluting yourselves. And Apple: Quit lying to the world.

    1. These false statements by Apple irk me as well. The left remains silent and that speaks volumes.

      I don’t remember who said it and paraphrasing something like liberals never get mad when you lie about them. They only get mad when you tell the truth about them …

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