California Apple Store is robbed twice in less than 24 hours

“The Apple Store crime spree continues in California,” Luke Dormehl reports for Cult of Mac.

“While another Apple Store robbery in the state may not be a shock, the number of times this particular store has been robbed certainly is,” Dormehl reports. “Monday’s robbery of the Apple Store in Roseville marked the fourth time in 20 days that the outlet has been burglarized — and the second in just 24 hours!”

“Apple Store robberies in California are becoming alarmingly common. Other locations to be targeted include Emeryville, Santa Rosa, Marin County and Fresno,” Dormehl reports. “Apple has tried to make its display items unattractive to thieves by installing special versions of its software on display devices. They stop working if a demo unit is stolen from a store. However, this strategy seems not to be working.”

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MacDailyNews Take: These criminas are obviously stripping the devices and selling off the parts, as thats the only way they’d have value after being bricked by Apple.

Some other form of deterrent is obviously warranted, at least in California.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward W.” for the heads up.]


  1. This will continue in the land of fruits and nuts. When illegal alien criminals are given sanctuary and homeless are allowed to sleep and crap on the streets in broad daylight, what do you expect. Certainly not law and order.

    Then you have the uber liberal SJW CEO who prides himself on removing the handgun emoji, thumbing his nose at the Second Amendment customers like me, and replacing it with a cute green squirt gun. Really?

    Although I agree with all the posts calling for armed guards, don’t hold your breath. Politics trumps common sense if you are from the left particularly in the tarnished state.

    I certainly have all the empathy in the world for the employees and customers and pray no one gets hurt. Possibly a concealed carry NRA member or average citizen will help at some point.

    Bottom line: Apple and the politicians made their bed and must sleep in it until they come up with viable common sense solutions …

    1. I live in the area and have walked past that particular Apple store many times, and even made purchases there. The Galleria represents a placid shopping experience. Shoppers don’t normally encounter lurking deadbeats or panhandlers. You wouldn’t think it was anything like the wild west, with the Clanton and Earp brothers shooting it out! But there do exist local gangs that stage successful grabs like this; there were two in San Francisco last year. It may be that gangs in the Golden State are more sophisticated in planning and executing their heists than elsewhere — another way in which my adopted state leads the nation. In a perverse way you have to hand it to these thieves: they know value. In other news, no Microsoft stores experienced similar robberies.

    2. Update: the police are on the job and have apprehended three suspects. In one respect, your crack about California being the land of fruits and nuts may be accurate. First, I myself am now a Californian, second, those dudes were crazy to return to the scene of the crime, third, stealing floor models is stupid. The rest of your gross generalisations about my adopted home state are a rather juvenile form of piling on.

        1. I used to arm myself when I worked in Albuquerque because I felt the police there were lax and the steeets were unsafe. I’m damned if I’ll let a gang of tattooed thugs stop me from a relaxed mall shopping experience, but I won’t set out to shoot them like Charles Bronson – the fantasy may be nice but the fallout is harsh. Instead, I sent strongly worded missives to the mayor of Roseville and to Apple CEO Tim “the buck stops here” Cook. The missives mentioned barbarians and their impact on profits.

          1. “I’m damned if I’ll let a gang of tattooed thugs stop me from a relaxed mall shopping experience”

            Now you are talkin’! As beloved Botty used to say, rootin’, tootin’, high faluntin’.

            I guess the handgun laws are very restrictive in California. Guessing no open carry for citizens and concealed permits are next to impossible.

            Keep on keeping on and take no crap… 👍🏻

            1. It depends on the region of California. It is a very large, very diverse state, almost its own country. In some municipalities, gun permits are handed out like napkins. In others, not. I was allowed to keep mine, although it didn’t apply across the Nevada border in Lake Tahoe. There really isn’t a monolithic statewide culture, as the bogus analysts would have us believe. Most of the state is rural. There are a few large cities. I haven’t lived here very long but it is more diverse than New Mexico, Virginia or Delaware, where I previously paid property taxes. As a place that embraced both Jerry Brown and Ronald Reagan as governors, California seems unique. Living here seems liberating to me because of its emphasis on resource management – water rights, land use, and mineral resources. All that stuff in the two “Chinatown” movies with Jack Nicholson turned out to be true. In this particular state of the union, it’s all about the economics of natural resources. I like that. It’s something that reasonable people can talk about in a reasonable manner. Politics is local, I’m coming to appreciate that more and more.

            2. You make it sound so magical and wonderful!

              Here on the East Coast I can’t get beyond the news reports of homeless, poop and drug needles on the streets. In addition the high taxes on citizens and sanctuary cities that allow illegals to roam and kill. Violating immigration laws is the California standard.

              Still, enjoy the beautiful country and be safe … 🐎

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