What NOT to look for at Apple’s ‘Gather Round’ event on September 12th

“In the week before an Apple event, all is possibility. Could the company announce a new iPhone? Sure. What about a new Apple Watch? Seems likely. New Macs? Perhaps!” Dan Moren writes for Macworld. “What about a brand new version of the HomePod with built-in AirPort router capabilities? Ehhhhh, probably not.”

“Plenty of folks have already run down the announcements they expect to see next week, but let’s instead take this opportunity to highlight some things that Apple is reportedly working on but which probably won’t show up on stage,” Moren writes. “(And I’m not talking about far off products, like Augmented Reality headsets, the Apple Car, or the coming-in-2019 Mac Pro.)”

Moren writes, “After all, there’s only so much the company can pack into a two-ish hour event: you’ve got to cut it off somewhere.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We agree on the TV front. We don’t expect much if anything in the way of Apple TV, tvOS, or any Apple streaming service. That seems like something for next fall, not this one.


  1. They are not called Apple Computer anymore for a reason. And when the new MacBook/MBA is introduced, they will annoy the feces out of everyone with the omissions. Everything Mac used to be so easy to like.

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