Apple gets 49 new U.S. patents including a foldable iPhone and an iPhone design invented by Steve Jobs

“Apple won their first patent for a folding phone back in July and two months later the U.S. Patent Office has granted them their second folding phone patent which places a lot of emphasis on a unique lubricant system that ensures that the folding area of the smartphone’s display won’t crack over time,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple. “Apple was also granted a series of design patents today with one covering the iPhone 4s that lists Steve Jobs as one of the inventors.”

“Apple’s newly granted patent covers their invention relating to a device and display that bends about a bend axis,” Purcher reports. “The display may have flexible layers to accommodate bending.”

“Apple was granted 3 key design patents today. The first covers the iPhone 4s with Steven P. Jobs posthumously listed on the list of inventors,” Purcher reports. “The second is for the Apple TV remote with the button arrangement differing from the actual product. The last design patent covers a Retail drawer case for Apple Watch.”

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MacDailyNews Take: That ornamental iPhone design was among the very best:

iPhone 4s
iPhone 4s


  1. My favorite iPhone design was the 4s. I found the “square edge” the easiest to hold on to. I also thought it was the best looking.

    I’d take a 6s plus sized new iPhone in the exact shape and thickness of a 4s any day of the week.

    1. For me, the iPhone 3GS felt the best in my hand. Those curves were literally designed become one with the human palm.

      I do have fond memories of the iPhone 4S because it was the first great camera (for the time it was initially sold, October 2011). I sold my Canon ELPH to someone at work for $20 and never looked back on standalone point and shoot digital cameras.

    1. My MBP is virtually silent all day long except at lunch. Why? Because at lunch I often launch MDN on my web browser to read Apple news while I eat. I almost always open up a handful of tabs from the main page. And then the noise begins!

      The fans spin up in a matter of seconds to as the CPU and GPU begin processing all of the ad traffic. You know what Cook says about the customer being the product when a service is “free”? Hello, fellow products!

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