Apple releases new iOS 12 beta, fixing annoying update notification bug

“‘A new iOS update is now available. Please update from the iOS 12 beta,'” Chris Welch reports for The Verge. “If you’ve been running the latest version of Apple’s beta software for OS 12, you’ve likely been pestered by this notification a whole lot over the last 24 hours. Dozens of times? Potentially hundreds?”

Welch reports, “Yesterday, it started showing up every time an iOS device was unlocked — or even if you just pulled down the notification tray a little bit.”

“Thankfully, just as we enter Labor Day weekend, Apple has shipped another iOS 12 update to restore sanity,” Welch reports. “If you open up your iPhone’s settings, iOS 12 public beta 10 (developer beta 12) is now available to download. Once you do, the obnoxious, constant alert — about an update that didn’t even exist — will go away.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: A new iOS update really is now available!

Even though it’s now gone, that pestering notification has already driven us to drink (yes, we’ll use it as a convenient excuse). Interns, Tap That Keg™!

Prost, everyone!


  1. It’s weird, but this update, on my iPad Pro 12.9” 2nd gen is about 83MB. That’s odd, because if it’s mostly to fix the update bug, which I had, then why is is so much bigger than the one before, which was about 50MB?

    1. Snoop Dogg knows how much wood a beta woodchuck would chuck id a woodchuck could chuck wooden beta update notifications out the window.

      I am as useful as a Snoop dogg update that’s for sure, but I am very pleased to see this update, I am downloading it as I type and soon the woodchuck can stop chucking!

      This is the extreme value delivered by the Trondud!

      Dude, you’re getting a dud!

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