It’s official: Apple to hold ‘Gather Round’ special media event on September 12th

Apple on Thursday officially sent out invitations to its fall special media event, “Gather Round,” which will be held on September 12, 2018 at 10am PDT, 1pm EDT at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park in Cupertino, California.

“The event is expected to include the launch of three new iPhones — possibly named the iPhone Xs (5.8-inch/6.5-inch) and iPhone Xc — and the new Apple Watch Series 4 with larger screens. A small software update to the Apple TV, tvOS 12, is also likely to arrive at the September event, as are Apple’s long-awaited AirPower wireless charging pad and a wireless charging case for AirPods earphones,” Jeremy Horwitz writes for VentureBeat. “It is currently unclear whether Apple will also use this event to launch new iPads, Macs, and the latest Mac operating system, macOS Mojave.”

‘Rumors have suggested that Apple will debut the first iPad Pro models with [Apple’s TrueDepth Camera System, doing away with the Home button] this fall, as well as a new entry-level MacBook and professionally-focused Mac mini desktop,” Horwitz writes. “Collectively, these new iPad and Mac designs could justify a separate computer-focused event.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Below is Apple’s invitation. Glean away!

Apple to hold 'Gather Round' special media event on September 12th


        1. That invitation looks somewhat like the roof of the recently-finished Steve Jobs Theater, which is where the event will take place.
          And, that is probably what “Gather Round” referee to as well.

          Interestingly, in a previous Apple press release about last year’s event, they call the place “Steve Jobs Theatre” (British-style spelling ending with “re”) instead of “Steve Jobs Theater” (on this invitation). I wonder if that old press release was written by a Brit and no one noticed the spelling?
          See link:

  1. Well, I am sure we will be presented with another unreplaceable-parts piece of shat which will go to trash if some memory chip fails and won’t be updated for years. It will cost 2000 bucks for a Core i5 with integrated graphics, and you have the option of stacking another pile of hundreds to get some 32GB of memory, a TB of space and an external GPU which does not support OpenCL.

    While that happens, Pipeline will be playing with his new 120M bucks pile of cash, laughing of all the dumbs who still buy the OSX-is-a-lot-more-productive-tell-me-that-when-you-have-to-wait-double-the-time-for-a-render bullshit.

    1. What kind of mental illness do you have that you complain so virulently about Apple but you’re still here? Plenty of other computers you can buy… and several operating systems to use.

    2. I am sure fake news MDN has some way of adding negative votes to everything they don’t like. It’s a corrupt, totally biased news source in which the criticism is well below the constant flattering.
      I’d love to know how they feel about all those MBPs whose GPUs or memory chips failed, a disgrace to the owners which paid thounsands of bucks.
      MacDullNews is such a disgrace I am even wondering if they’ll let this be published unchanged.

      1. I’d be quite happy if they gave me back the 3k bucks i’ve dropped on each MBP which failed after the warranty was over. That would be professional help for my “emotional” issues.

        1. I’m really p***ed at Apple too after my iMac failed after the warranty was over, mind you it was five years after the warranty expired.

          Oh, better add a /s for those whose sarcasm detector is broken.

      1. auramac I enjoy anything which does what it says it does without compromising neither my privacy nor my wallet. That’s exactly what all those you mentioned do.

    1. It is indeed which begs the question what is it a metaphor for … Unless it’s just stating that it is actually and finally finished and we will then get Cook blubbering on about how it was the great man’s vision. Hopefully not to give cover for the uninspiring presentation he will no doubt be giving, and surely not including disappointing or delayed products.

      1. Sounds impractical otherwise I would go for a round TV to go along with the round windscreen in my car, round computer screen and port holes in my basement. Thinking of putting square wheels on my bike mind.

  2. Seems very like a watch bezel to me; unlikely a round Mac Mini would have the jewelry finish. As usual I could be very wrong but I don’t think Apple has ever been as obvious in an announcement before: it’s a round Apple Watch (snore).

  3. To me that image could be a magnetic ring around an iPhone camera, which could allow swappable external lenses. Didn’t I read something recently that pointed to Apple adopting that concept?

    Of course it also looks like the Steve Jobs Theater from above, and the Circle campus from above.

    My big question: In the next iPhone what will be the killer app facilitated by hardware only available on the new phone?

    Also the long shot: An iRing to be worn on the finger that can tell movement and gain health info? That would be awesome. I keep waiting for the Liquidmetal killer feature — a device so thin or so small that aluminum is too weak for the body.

    Has the time finally come for LQMT???

  4. To me it’s showing off a new gold/bronze color along with screen changes coming to the iPad, apple watch, and all iPhones, all of which will have rounded corners, soon to be copied by android. And obviously a birds eye view of the Apple campus.

  5. I know what it is!! It’s a new gold colored Mac Pro that is round that can be hung with a string from the ceiling like a pendulum and will get its energy to run as the pendulum swings back and forth.

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