Hey, how about ‘thicker’ Mac notebooks for pro users?

“I know that Apple and design guru Jony Ive are obsessed with making products as thin as possible,” Dennis Sellers writes for Apple World Today. “I don’t think they’ll be satisfied until they make Macs, iPads, and iPhones as thin as a sheet of paper.”

“Still, here’s a radical idea,” Sellers writes, “how about focusing that obsession with thinness for the consumer-oriented products and make ‘thicker’ Mac laptops for pro users?”

“Y’know, a laptop that’s ‘fat’ enough to support internal fans to keep things cool,” Sellers writes. “Or let’s get really crazy and imagine the return of the 17-inch MacBook Pro.”

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MacDailyNews Take: One can always dream.

The law of diminishing returns can also be applied to industrial design. Apple’s eternal quest for thinness eventually runs into issues such as bulging camera assemblies, battery capacity, strength (breakability), etc. – is Apple’s quest for thinness now bordering on the quixotic?

So, is it “you can never be too thin” or is it “thin enough is thin enough?”MacDailyNews, December 21, 2015

Hey, Jony: Enough with the thin.

Everything is thin enough. Sometimes too thin. Thinner isn’t the answer to everything, nor is thinness intrinsic to good design. We’d gladly take a bit more robustness and battery life over more unnecessary thinness, thanks.MacDailyNews, June 25, 2018

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