Is Raleigh ready for Apple? Some worry a new Apple campus might worsen growing pains in North Carolina’s booming capital

“Raleigh is having a moment,” Seth Cline writes for U.S. News and World Report. “Apple and Amazon, giants of American enterprise and darlings of the tech world, are sniffing around the once sleepy provincial capital of North Carolina. The question is, is the city ready for them?”

“Most rumors are swirling around Apple, which revealed in January it would announce the location of a new U.S. campus, its fourth, ‘later in the year.’ Unlike Amazon, the company has conducted its search largely in private, but word of negotiations between Apple CEO Tim Cook and North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper leaked in May, and internet prognosticators and local gossip have linked the two ever since,” Cline writes. “But if Apple does choose Raleigh – likely bringing thousands of high-paying jobs along with it – some experts say the city is unprepared for what comes next.”

Cline writes, “‘It’ll be terrible from a housing perspective. We have not planned ahead for that,’ says Mai Thi Nguyen, a professor of city and regional planning at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. ‘Right now the Triangle is experiencing a housing crunch. We have an affordability problem as it is.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: A little birdie tells us that Apple’s NC campus is a done deal.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. How freakin’ stupid can some people in our state be – to secure a second campus of the worlds most valuable company bringing ten of thousands of good-paying jobs? If anyone does end up screwing the pooch on this one they should be kicked out of the state for life – literally & figuratively!

      1. It’s all about how a city manages rapid growth. With proper planning, it can work, but it takes a while to build new housing (and other infrastructure, eg, schools, transport and health care) to accommodate that growth. Raleigh obviously shouldn’t turn the offer down! That would be silly. But it has to be done well for the benefits to flow as well as they can.

    1. Perhaps they will include some people who know that the existing campuses in California and Texas are west of the Carolinas, not north.

      Seriously, though, I hope that somebody in the Triangle has taken a look at what Cupertino is and Austin is becoming, and has concrete plans for avoiding the same fate.

    2. Ed: get over yourself. California aint in the northeast.

      Tell us how you like it when liberal Californians take over your state and drive prices for everything through the roof. Formerly great cities have been turned into ugly condo farms and streets into barely moving parking lots. Poorly planned growth is very bad.

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