Tips for making Launchpad a useful app launcher for Mac

“As part of Apple’s ‘Back to the Mac’ event in late 2010, Apple introduced OS X Lion which included lots of features and user interface decisions inspired by the iPhone and iPad,” Zac Hall writes for 9to5Mac.

“While much of the signature Lion design like linen and leather was replaced years later in OS X Mavericks,” Hall writes, “the Mac’s concept of borrowing the iOS app launcher with a feature called Launchpad remains.”

“Launchpad doesn’t get much love from Mac power users (there are plenty of other efficient ways to launch Mac apps) and Apple really hasn’t touched the feature in years,” Hall writes. “But it’s a feature I use regularly on my Mac — after making a few adjustments.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Launchpad? Oh, yeah. That thing. Does anyone ever use that?


    1. Agree. It is useful. I also rightclick on files. Just depends. But, Launchpad is quick and when you use it frequently, like most everything, you get good at it.

  1. Spotlight is too easy to use. Sometimes it’s quicker than clicking on an app in the dock.
    Never could understand Launchpad. Maybe after l read the article I’ll catch on.

  2. I have my commonest/most frequently used apps setup in Folder Glance: a double-finger tap on my trackpad brings up a hierarchical menu with my apps, Finder options and services all neatly bunded and ready to select/use.

    I was using FinderPop until very recently, but it is now RIP and no further devt. FolderGlance works fine under High Sierra.

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