Microsoft Office experiencing activation issues on Mac and Windows

“Microsoft Office appears to be experiencing activation issues on both Mac and PC today, according to several user reports on Twitter,” Joe Rossignol reports for MacRumors. “MacRumors also received emails from multiple readers affected.”

“At least some Office 365 subscribers who have attempted to use Word, Outlook, and other apps in the Microsoft Office suite have been prompted to reactivate their license, but the process fails to complete,” Rossignol reports.

“The issue appears to be affecting not only individual users,” Rossignol reports, “but businesses and universities and with enterprise licenses.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Friends don’t let friends use Microsoft Office.


    1. No, I don’t think so, unless I just happened to change computers at the precise moment this happened. I bought a new MacBook Monday, migrated everything over on Tuesday; everything worked initially and then last evening, it started looking for my license. I had to go back through several menus to find where to input license; was told to go to MS website. I looked at that very cautiously but went. It would not take my license but made me go through a repeating two step process of identification, including locking my account/use. But suddenly it said I could unlock through my phone messaging. I got the message, entered the number, unlocked the lock and then entered the authorization code. It worked.

  1. I pay $100 a year for an Office home subscription. I can share it with 4 other people. So, it’s $20 per person per year. We each get 1TB of OneDrive space. That’s way cheaper than purchasing 5 subscriptions for 1TB of iCloud storage. First of all, Apple won’t sell just 1TB of storage. It’s either 200GB for $36 per year or 2TB for $120 per year. No thanks.

  2. You don’t have to rent MS Office. Activation is indeed a pain, as it seems all software makers are trying to make it.

    There is no substitute for Excel or Word. Not even close. All the alternatives mentioned above are limited and ineffective in many ways. Redmond’s cash cow continues producing milk because it has more features and is the most compatible of any office suite by far. It’d be nice if the richest company on earth could offer a quality, consistent, cohesive office suite but apparently that’s too much to ask.

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