Apple’s growth story has returned with a vengeance

“Apple is on a roll. The company is seeing record high iPhone ASPs, strong momentum with Services, and a wearables platform connecting with the mass market. Revenue growth has accelerated for the past seven quarters,” Neil Cybart writes for Above Avalon. “Apple’s growth story has returned with a vengeance.”

“Upon closer examination, it becomes evident that Apple’s three primary growth levers are not created equal,” Cybart writes. “While some growth levers are at risk of slowing, others are still just getting started.”

Cybart writes, “There are three drivers behind Apple’s return to revenue growth: (1) iPhone. The average selling price (ASP) of iPhone is up $100 year-over-year. (2) Services. Apple is seeing strong revenue growth from the App Store, licensing, and AppleCare. (3) Wearables. Apple’s wearables platform is gaining sales momentum as Apple Watch and AirPods go mainstream.”

Read more in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: Neil estimates that “in just three years, Apple Watch sales have exceeded 20 million units per year with a user base nearing 40 million.”

Not bad for a “flop,” huh?

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  1. Excuse me but the Mac market could easily double or triple in size if Apple cared to acknowledge its existence in a much bigger way with timely and upgradeable products. Sheesh!

    1. Agreed, and this point is particularly poignant when the MDN headline four ones below this one is:

      “Apple expected to release new MacBook Air this fall as company retreats to 6th place in global notebook market share”

      Heed well this part:

      “… as company retreats to 6th place in global notebook market share”

      YMMV, but a marketshare retreat isn’t “growth with a vengeance”

    2. Not going to happen with Pipeline at the wheel. Pipeline absolutely loathes the Mac. It shows with everything he does. And doesn’t do, which is upgrade the Mac.

      What has Pipeline done with the Mac Pro? Allowed it to become a laughing stock.

      What has Pipeline done with the Mac Mini? Essentially killed it off.

      What has Pipeline done with macOS Server? Essentially killed it off.

      What has Pipeline done with the MacBook Air? Not updated it for years.

      At every possible opportunity Pipeline has allowed the Mac and macOS to wither away. It is a true testament to the Mac, macOS, and Steve Jobs that the Mac still sells as well as it does, despite being so ridiculously out of date. That the Mac continues to sell well is source of constant annoyance to Pipeline.

      Pipeline should be toss out of Apple. Today.

      Pipeline’s mistakes should be corrected immediately. Nothing Pipeline has done with the Mac is of any value.

      Apple should re-create a division within the company that works solely on the Mac. Give these people complete and total freedom to update the Mac into what it was and could be in today’s world. Undo the damage caused by Pipeline.

      The Mac deserves so much better than Pipeline.

      Steve Jobs created one of the most beautiful pieces of technology with the Mac. It is far past time to stop Pipeline from crapping all over it.

      Get rid of Pipeline.

          1. Well, off you go then. Obviously, these YEARS of disaster are not going to be reversed in any foreseeable future. You’d better just go and buy one of any number of much better computers.

  2. Fesarius is serious and so am I. The iMac sho8ld be the growth area and take over the Win7 and Win10 markets if Apple management only had the intestinal fortitude to do so.

  3. growing revenues by making more expensive phones doesn’t seem long term sustainable. How long can they increase iPhone prices every year before they hit a ceiling ?

    Better to grow hardware sales volume, so I agree with posters above, they should get back to being serious about things like the Mac and make new hardware platforms.

    note when iPod was booming, Jobs didn’t abandon the Mac but doubled down, making dozens of models all the way from candy coloured power PC macs to aluminium Intel. Today Even with massive neglect Macs still make the most hardware profits after iPhone.

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