Stunning’ iPhone X Plus’ images shows why Samsung is growing increasingly desperate

“The next round of the smartphone wars is getting underway. In one corner, the Galaxy Note 9,” Mike Brown writes for Inverse. “In the other, Apple’s upcoming 6.5-inch iPhone is rumored to sport a bigger display than any previous Apple smartphone.”

“The photo, shared by prolific smartphone leaker Benjamin Geskin, shows how the 6.4-inch Note 9 compares to Apple’s rumored phone,” Brown writes. “The stunning all-screen design from last year’s 5.8-inch iPhone X looks set to stun in a form factor a similar size to the 5.5-inch iPhone 8 Plus.”

“The new iPhone has emerged in leaks alongside two other devices: a 6.1-inch LCD-based iPhone for $699, a 5.8-inch upgraded version of the iPhone X at $899, and the 6.5-inch model rounding off the range at $999,” Brown writes. “Beyond the slightly larger screen, the iPhone still boasts the iOS operating system, including features like Animoji and Portrait Lighting.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Samsung falls further and further behind, frozen in fear as Tsunami iPhone 2018 rapidly gathers.

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  1. Samsung Phones as we know it would not exist if not for the life saving help it gets in the form of Google Android OS. Revenues from annoying Google ads on websites it what keeps Android subsidized which is used by Samsung and others to hurt Apple. So any website that has google ads is directly helping Samsung and other, which in turn hurts Apple.

    1. This has been going on since the first Android phone was released 18 months later after the first iPhone in June 2007. What, did you just learn this yesterday? …

  2. Why would Samsung be desperate? It appears there already is talks of the Galaxy S10 being some iPhone killer with an unbreakable display and also some new Galaxy X folding smartphone ready to take down Apple’s smartphone business. Samsung just introduced the Note 9 with the supposedly astounding S-Pen and the high-end Note 9 featuring 512GB of storage and 8GB of RAM. It just doesn’t seem as though Samsung has much to fear in terms of powerful hardware beating them. Samsung could just give up on the high-end and focus on the low- to mid-range smartphone models considering the only countries left are India, Africa and So. America where consumers aren’t going to be buying $1000 smartphones. One would think Apple would have concerns about not being able to sell iPhones to those poorer countries. At least that’s what Wall Street has concerns about.

    There are so many people claiming how consumers aren’t going to be buying $1000 smartphones every year or even every two years. These same people claim the high-end smartphone market is already tapped out and Apple is going to be the company struggling the most. I’m only saying it’s difficult to know who is telling the truth and I can only wait for earnings to see who is right.

    I doubt many Android smartphone users will be willing to pay such high prices no matter what features are available on smartphones. Android smartphone users are looking for bargain devices, plain and simple. $600 maybe but $1000 is unlikely.

    1. You seem rather ill informed and it’s frustrating to choose where I should start pointing out your inaccuracies.

      Samsung is absolutely afraid of the hardware power of Apple. Why do you think they need to put 8 GB of RAM in their phones? And yet Apple will destroy them in raw power with less than half of that.

      And people won’t buy $1000 smart phones? Can we rewind to last year when Apple single handedly convinced Wall Street that consumers will do exactly that. Especially as consumers come to recognize their handsets as the most investment worthy tech gadget in their daily lives.

      Also I loved the particular point where you said Apple should be worried about selling their ‘over priced’ phones. You clearly don’t see that for ten years Apple has been preparing themselves for just about every major shift in the way we purchase our tech. They survived the end of subsidies that everyone claimed would kill them. And now they have essentially turned monthly phone payments as common as car payments. And the icing on the cake, the cake that Wall Street is eating and loving, is that consumers are leasing phones and buying new ones EVERY year. So you’re right. Not two to three anymore.

      Love that you come to Apple fan sites to explore, hate that you’re an idiot who needs to post on them ignorantly.

      1. One question to your very well written response… Do you really “Love that you come to Apple fan sites to explore, hate that you’re an idiot who needs to post on them ignorantly.”? I rather enjoy it! It make reading the responses like yours even more enjoyable than the ignorant initial post. Cheers!

    2. You did get one thing right: The vast majority of Android users are not going to pay the price of an iPhone X+, not because they are unwilling, but because they are unable. If they were able, Samsung would be in even more trouble…

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