Apple’s AirPower charger to finally launch with the new 2018 iPhones for around $150

“Apple’s last unicorn, the AirPower wireless charging pad is still chilling in press renders over at its own dedicated section on Apple’s website,” Daniel Petrov reports for phoneArena. “We say unicorn, as not long ago it officially became the longest-running release in the company’s history.”

“Apple announced the combo pad as a cord-cutter’s dream together with the new iPhone 8, Plus and X way back in September [2017], and it’s now been a full pregnancy term without nary a whiff of this thing becoming a retail product,” Petrov reports. “Well, a whiff we have today, with ‘insider sources’ tipping a September release again, but with a price tag to go with it this time. ”

“The same blog for all things charging and wireless standards that leaked Apple’s new fast charger for the 2018 iPhones, now has the AirPower scoop. Supply chain sources say that Apple will launch the pad next month, at the equivalent of $145,” Petrov reports. “The price is not hard to fathom, given what just the Apple Watch wireless charger costs, and yet it’s a sigh of relief from the previously rumored $200 tag.”

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MacDailyNews Take: $149 would be a very nice price for the long-delayed AirPower which will hopefully work flawlessly given its Manatee-esque gestation period.

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  1. Nice job Pipeline. You have displayed once again your amazing talents at operations.

    I’m sure your sycophantic reports are providing plenty of backslapping celebrating this amazing milestone.

    You are simply incredible Pipeline. Incredible.

  2. To think that $150 for a charger is a good price point is nuts.. its about $100 too much.. Its a charger.. sure perhaps it has a couple features others do not, but that does not justify that price, not by a long shot.

  3. Compared to Jobs, it’s how he releases products. With Jobs it was a pop and with Cook, it’s a historical timeline.

    It’s a shame as anticipation is gone, people have shopped elsewhere and there’s a self-inflicted upgrade timeline pressure…by the time it comes out, the upgrade is just around the corner.

    I can’t imagine it’s intentional and it’s hard to conceive why a company such as Apple, that has the resources, continually has product release issues? Tim, could you chime in and give perspective?

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