Apple breaks $210, puts a dozen analysts underwater

Apple (AAPL) “stock touched a new all-time intraday high Monday,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt writes for Apple 3.0.

“If Apple can hang on at $1 trillion plus,” P.E.D. writes, “expect a flurry of revisions from the blue group before the end of September (and Apple’s fiscal 2018).”

P.E.D. writes, “TipRanks reports that an analyst who shall remain unnamed (long story) is sticking with a Street-high price target of $275.”

See P.E.D.’s full list of Apple price targets in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple traded as high as $210.56 in early trading, close to its all-time intraday high of $210.95.

Apple hits new all-time intraday high – August 13, 2018


  1. With threats from Turkey and India’s TRAI dept against Apple, it is possible the justified gains in stock prices of Apple will be gunned down by the anal cysts who are nothing but a bunch of crooked manipulators. Lets watch this space

    1. Most of those financial geniuses had already made up their mind about Apple long before Turkey’s threats. That’s why so many are “underwater.” I’m just glad I never listen to most of those know-it-all crooks. I don’t care if they revise their numbers or not because I’m never quite sure what they’re reacting to. With the FANG stocks, they always see clear blue skies ahead. With Apple, they see cloudy and overcast days ahead. Apple seems to always have a question mark following it.

  2. I assume that “analyst who shall remain unnamed” in that story is Brian White of Moness, who at the beginning of August suggested that $275 is achievable for AAPL.

    He went on to say “Apple is heading into the seasonally strongest time of the year with a new iPhone cycle on the horizon. In the end, we continue to believe Apple remains one of the most underappreciated stocks in the world with a valuation that remains depressed.”

    1. I don’t know why they keep making like it’s some sort of secret that it’s Brian White who’s the head cheerleader of the Apple bulls. Most of Wall Street think he’s just an Apple fanboi nutcase. $275 seems a little bit much for Apple as there aren’t enough big investors pulling for Apple. Most of them are guys like Einhorn who’d rather short-sell Apple and put their money on the likes of Amazon and Facebook which are nearly guaranteed to be sure winners.

      I’ll never understand this thing about Apple being “underappreciated.” The big investors know the stocks they can make money from and Apple isn’t in their line of sight. EVERYONE knows Amazon is going to be the most valuable stock on the planet and that’s why its worth 10X more than Apple is worth to those big money wheelers and dealers. Come September, Amazon will be a trillion dollar company and much more, leaving Apple in the dust.

      I doubt many big investors would pay even $220 for Apple stock but they’ll happily pay $2200 for Amazon. Amazon is being constantly praised while the big investors are still doubtful about Apple. That’s just how it is with Apple. Anyway, it’s just my opinion based on how fast Amazon is gaining in value on a daily basis.

  3. The phony deal – yes even for Apple – is that Wall St. gamblers are buying and selling stocks to each other like a pyramid scheme to up the price of the stock. History tells us that selling stock was used to raise operating revenue for expansion. No more. It’s an illicit gambling scheme with other people’s money. The loses are socialized by way of bailouts because it’s so easy to gamble away with other people’s money, while the gains are Capitalized and its Capitalist practitioners lauded as business geniuses.

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