Samsung’s Wireless Charging Duo is a poor man’s Apple AirPower

“Remember AirPower? Apple had big plans for the charging mat when it was launched [previewed] nearly a year ago,” Brian Heater writes for TechCrunch.

“Since then, however,” Heater notes, “the iPhone/Apple Watch/AirPod accessory has been MIA for reasons no one outside of the Cupertino spaceship is entirely sure of.”

Yesterday, “Samsung unveiled its own take on the tech. Granted, it’s perhaps less ambitious than Apple’s place-it-anywhere approach to charging, but at very least, there seems the very real possibility that it may still launch ahead of the competition,” Heater writes. “The Wireless Charging Duo has two distinct surfaces: one for Galaxy handsets and the other for the company’s smartwatch.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: “Perhaps less ambitious?” No, it’s painfully less ambitious. It’s nothing more than two chargers stuck together. Typical me-too smoke and mirrors from slavish copier Samsung.

That said, Apple is to blame for revealing AirPower and then never shipping it.

Note to Apple brass: “Real artists ship.”

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    1. Right. Exactly. Another botched product launch from Pipeline. It’s what we have come to expect from Pipeline. One botched launch after another. That and completely missing product launches like the new Mac Pro, or Mac Mini, or MacBook Air.

      The “operational genius” name that Pipeline is always referred to makes me laugh, and then cry. Pipeline is doing nothing but coasting on Steve Jobs’ enormous coat tails. Pipeline can’t do this forever and it’s all going to hit the fan once Pipeline has to rely on his own vision and that of his feckless sycophantic staff.

      1. Just as I’ve also been saying. Sadly, though, it’s inevitable that some Tim Cook nutswinger(s) will show up to downvote and rag on your (very true) comment…because $1 trillion or something…

  1. Lame Cooks Apple messes up again…

    I am beyond ready for a new ceo tonckme in and get us back to a more Steve Jobs type Apple.

    Cooks Apple is an embarrassment.

    I don’t even tell people to buy Apple computers anymore like I used too, it’s jus and a bunch of overpriced junk compared to what Jobs Apple computers were.

    (Yes, I’ve owned many Apple computers and the latest ones suck compared to my older Steve Jobs era MacBook Pro)

  2. I’ve said it before to the commenters on here…..tell me anyone doing it better than Apple or shut your mouth and take what we get. If you prefer…. go sell your soul and privacy to fandroid and let me know how that pixel works out for you.

    Even if they missed on everything you reference Mac Pro (promised this year and it’s only August) the AirPower, and Mac mini (never promised) who cares?!?! They missed on .001% of revenue? I’m not seeing your downtrodden crap about Apple Watch anymore? Is that because it outsells the totality of the rest of the watch industry worldwide now? Ahh another PIPELINE failure bringing in 5bill plus a year for Apple. But your right Apple cannot innovate anymore all they did was bring us faceid last year which no one has been able to replicate with over a year to try and it looks like we will go another min 6 months without anything close. But that’s just another fail for PIPELINE tim because you say so. Same with this overpriced phone which is still faster any handset on the market.

    Naysay all you want Apple knows who they are and guess what it’s not 2000 anymore so if you don’t like it please hop off the train and we will pick you back up next year, worn and tattered, and maybe then you will have respect for the totality of what Apple brings to the table!

    1. “They missed on .001% of revenue?”

      Wrong. Macs account for the second biggest revenue stream ahead of iPads and also watches.

      I doubt pipeline developed the watch 100% on his watch. Steve worked over five years out, but I could be wrong.

      Regardless, the product has indeed improved and a success. Now tell the rest of the class how many watches Apple sells each quarter. You know like how many million units compared to iPhones, Macs and iPads sales.

      Obvious you don’t see the failures of pipeline, or you do and just make excuses. Which is actually the bulk of your post.

      This article is just another in a long, long list of pipeline failures, sorry fanboy. He brought it on himself, he owns it and needs to answer for it.

      Apple used to BEST in everything, hardware and software until pipeline. Sparing the details, you just don’t see it …

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