Apple accused of removing ‘wrong apps’ in gambling purge

“Apple has been accused of accidentally removing apps from the App Store in a crackdown on gambling content,” Chris Baraniuk reports for The Beeb. “Several developers complained via social media that their apps, which they said had nothing to do with gambling, were taken down.”

“The affected apps included a Polish magazine, a gif-sharing service and a platform for sending clips of Xbox games to friends,” Baraniuk reports. “A message sent to affected developers said that Apple was removing gambling-related apps made by individuals in an effort to ‘reduce fraudulent activity… and comply with government requests to address illegal online gambling activity.'”

“Recently, Norway succeeded in getting Apple to ban all gambling apps from its App Store in the country, although the recent removals appear to have been affected worldwide,” Baraniuk reports. “Some of the removed apps are now coming back online.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Sounds like yet another “liquid lunch” was had by the Apple summer intern in charge of worldwide App Store approvals.


    1. I don’t get the connection. Rock n roll is banned? Lol get real. Some of those things are illegal or against ToS, and the others aren’t banned by Apple. Yet for some reason you have a problem with gay apps? What exactly designates an app as gay, anyway? Also, who cares?

    1. I am sure that the settings/options would allow for folks to choose to filter out bad reality, leaving good reality for people’s blissful enjoyment.

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