Next-gen iPhone leak hints at big camera improvements

“You’ll miss out on a secondary rear-facing camera if you opt for the more affordable ‘iPhone 9’ this fall, but the single sensor you will get could be Apple’s best yet,” Killian Bell writes for Cult of Mac.

“An apparent spy shot of the device corroborates claims that it will pack an even larger camera lens for snapping better photos and videos,” Bell writes. “You can also expect optical image stabilization for enhanced low-light performance.”

“This ‘leak’ gives us another glimpse of the upcoming 6.1-inch model. With an LCD display, this is expected to be the most affordable of the three devices coming this year. It will be slightly larger than the refreshed iPhone X, but smaller than the even more expensive iPhone X Plus,” Bell writes. “As well as skipping OLED screens, it is expected to drop 3D Touch, while mobile photographers will have to rely on one rear-facing camera instead of two… But it almost certainly won’t be the same rear-facing camera that was packed into the iPhone 8. The photo… published on Slashleaks, hints at a larger camera sensor that would provide better and brighter photos and videos.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The mass market iPhone camera is poised to get even better!


    1. You can thank Sony for the camera improvements. Apple just buys them and sticks them in the corner of its rounded corner rectangular solid Ive “genius” boring designed box, without a bezel than supports any optical accessories. Dumb but predictable.

      Apple has never had the best camera in a cell phone because Apple insists thinness must be more important than functionality or performance.

  1. And yet the vast majority of iPhone photos will be vertical, blurry, and uninteresting as possible.

    Best use for mobile phone cameras is documentation. I love having a database of installed equipment at client locations, with photos.

    Or when people call you and complain that the internet is down, having a movie of the lights on modems and routers and switches and being able to ask them what they see and guide them through a reboot is invaluable.

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