Apple updates share count as it closes in on $1 trillion valuation

“Apple Inc. released its 10-Q filing after the bell on Wednesday, disclosing a share count of 4.83 billion as of July 20,” Emily Bary reports for MarketWatch.

“The updated share count gives Apple a market capitalization of $973.2 billion,” Bary reports, “using Wednesday’s closing price of $201.50.”

Bary reports, “For the company to reach a market capitalization of $1 trillion, Apple shares would have to cross $207.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: $207, here we come!


  1. Oh soon very soon. It’s down to the final lap of the race, who will get there first, Apple, Amazon, Google, or will it all be for naught when Apple’s home country finds that weapons of mass destruction program in I raq, which should be any day, or decade now.

    1. Haha. Man I can just imagine how you’ve worn out this tirade with friends and family. Nothing more irritating than somebody who constantly turns everything into a conversation about their view of politics. I would unfriend your dumb ass so quick on facebook (which I also despise but hey family and such)

        1. Obviously not but thanks for playing. I am however native to the planet, that help?
          Oh anything on the topic at hand by the way? Do you think Apple will get to a trillion dollar valuation before the other companies or before its home country finds that weapons of mass destruction program?

          1. That’s almost like a promotion of genocide. “Unless you are aboriginal you have nothing to say regarding slaughter and genocide.” Considering that the majority of Apple’s home country is not aboriginal I’d guess they have nothing to say, especially since they are the ones engaged in slaughtering and genocide at the current present time.

          2. I guess that leaves the Iraqis out of making any comments about being slaughtered and genocide, they aren’t aboriginal and besides they are probably too busy trying not to be slaughtered and genocide victims right now.

      1. You’d lose that bet, I don’t have much respect for politicians as a general rule and I don’t despise Apple’s home nation, I pity it. Such a great country losing its way. Quite tragic. I’m optimistic though that they will rejoin the free and civilized world one day.

        I don’t know where the speaking Russian thing you mention comes from unless you are talking about the chump jerking off the sputin and if that’s the case… thank you president chump.

        1. … as in, without the U.S. to protect you the Soviet Union would have run through your country like poop through a goose and had you Canucks chopping down trees for the Motherland. Your high and mighty liberalism doesn’t mean squat when it comes to defense.

          1. You’d lose that bet too, seeing as you couldn’t even protect Vietnam from becoming communist much less the protection provided to the Ukraine. Your high and mighty terrorist nation doesn’t mean squat when it comes to being humane.

            How’s that “if if wasn’t for us Vietnam would be a communist country and their sorry asses would be speaking Vietnamese” working for you? Can’t say I hear it much.

            Oh I’m sorry, you incapable of answering questions and sticking to a topic when you get in attack mode. No sense bringing up the excitement, joy and potential celebration at the possibility that Apple will reach the trillion dollar mark well before any of the others.

            I will give credit where credit is due though, your country is doing an amazing job at protect folks from that Iraqi weapons of mass destruction program and at the rate you are going there may not be any Iraqis left to say anything at all.

            1. “Oh I’m sorry, you incapable of answering questions”

              You LIE and are an obvious hypocrite that anyone with a brain can clearly read.

              You did NOT address the post — not ONE word — 100% DEFLECTION.

              And then falsely attempt to pin the practice on your opponent. How dishonest and cowardly. We all know, you are shameless as the Clintons and don’t have a conscience.

              Vietnam in the 1960s? What in God’s good name does that have to do with @I’ll bet … response?!? Yeah, I guess the USA terrorized France at Normandy in World War II according to your warped obsessive thinking.

              Well, it is obvious your high and mighty liberalism and self-appointed HIGHNESS is incapable of handling the truth, or simply responding to a post on its merits — CUE the massive DISTRACTION campaign that is so OBVIOUS reading your missive.

              That’s all you have left when a post is accurate and you can’t refute the truth.

              DISTRACT. DEFLECT. DENY.

              I enjoy seeing you go down in SMUG self-righteousness flames …

          2. You nailed it.

            RW comes from a deadbeat NATO nation that does not pay its fair share. The USA pays the most in the world to defend his sorry arse. I don’t even know if his country has a military?

            And then the high and mighty Libtard has the gall and nerve to come here daily and insult and denigrate the greatest nation that protects his deadbeat country.



    2. “ or will it all be for naught when Apple’s home country finds that weapons of mass destruction program in I raq”

      You are a total POS and a plague on this website. You are living in the past — STFU and go AWAY!!! …

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