This is what Apple’s next-gen iPhone could look like

“As we inch closer to September’s release of new iPhone models, we continue to learn more about what Apple has in store,” Chance Miller reports for 9to5Mac. “Today, Twitter leaker Ben Geskin has shared images of what he claims to be dummy units of the 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus and the 6.1-inch LCD models.”

“Similar images have also emerged on Slash Leaks,” Miller reports. “The 6.1-inch model features a single rear camera, whereas the iPhone X Plus uses a dual-camera layout similar to that of the iPhone X.”

“The iPhone X Plus is said to feature a stainless steel frame, while the 6.1-inch model will feature aluminum as a cost-saving measure,” Miller reports. “These two images show the iPhone X Plus in silver and the 6.1-inch model in space gray.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Geskin is reliabel, so these are very likely close to what Apple will ship.


  1. Fingers crossed Apple still offers a smaller model with the bells and whistles. Face ID would be great, even if it needs to be thicker and heavier, remember the FIRST iPhone …

    1. The girlfriend picked up my old 5 the other day and couldn’t believe how small it felt on her face compared to the 8+ she’s moved on to.

      Oh wait, this article is about phones…..

      1. To each his own, dude. But I get what you are saying, quite the size shock. I just prefer smaller phones, always have. Just like Apple forgot about the Mac, fingers crossed they don’t do the same with pocket phones …

          1. Well, sex on the brain banned potty mouth Citizen X once again, hiding under a new screen name, adds nothing but intellectually stimulating discussion. Ah, not. Say felon, is it not time for your appt. with the probation officer? …

        1. I had an SE when I was working and loved the size for pockets and whatnot. Now that I have more room and time I enjoy the 7.

          My grandson has a hand-me-down 4S… THAT seems really small!

          (the rest of the above post was strictly innuendo….)

          1. My iPhone history is all small phones. I bought on day one the following: original iPhone, 4S and SE. Good 10-year run. Buying a new phone yearly besides the waste of money is more narcissistic than prudent …

            1. same here, i had a 4s for 4+ years and upgraded to the 6s when they came out because the 4s started to have battery and sometimes camera problems (cloudy unfocused pictures). I hated the size of the 6s. When the SE came out, i bought the 64GB SE for cash unlocked new from the apple store and have been delighted with it. The ease of use and the power of the 6s, it is just a great experience

            2. Same here. I bought the 64GB unlocked from the Apple website on day one March 31, 2016. Closest Apple store is 1.5 hours away and not worth the time and expense. I really got a kick out of tracking the shipping online from the China factory. Love it. My only complaint is after heavy use now the battery drains faster than I would prefer. So, I may have to make the trek …

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